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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by hendy1992, Sep 6, 2010.

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  1. Hello I have been clear of asthma for a year and a half now , however i am well aware that the guidlines say you must be 4 years clear. I had a lung function test about 4 months ago and passed it. I have recently applied for the t.a ( infantry ) and i was given an rg8 form told to fill it out then give it to the army doctor when i go for my medical . . . so i have a medical in 3 weeks but i said on the rg8 that i have never had asthma will i get caught ?
  2. you will if anyone from your unit decides to look on here
  3. Of course you should Lie, never mind about Integrity or any of that stuff!!!!
    And when your pay clerk lies about you being paid when you havent then just hope she/he doesnt get caught!!!
    Why not just tell them you passed a LFT a couple of months ago.

    Its not that the TA doctors really care one way or the other!
  4. shouldnt your RG8 goto your Doc for him to fill in ... he will then coorect any "piss takes" and omissions ..