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Hello I have been clear of asthma for a year and a half now , however i am well aware that the guidlines say you must be 4 years clear. I had a lung function test about 4 months ago and passed it. I have recently applied for the t.a ( infantry ) and i was given an rg8 form told to fill it out then give it to the army doctor when i go for my medical . . . so i have a medical in 3 weeks but i said on the rg8 that i have never had asthma will i get caught ?
Of course you should Lie, never mind about Integrity or any of that stuff!!!!
And when your pay clerk lies about you being paid when you havent then just hope she/he doesnt get caught!!!
Why not just tell them you passed a LFT a couple of months ago.

Its not that the TA doctors really care one way or the other!
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