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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by delberto, Nov 23, 2005.

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  1. so whats the latest gossip and rumours about the FAS (TA). we all know whats happening in a certain TA inf unit based inside the M25 :lol: , whats going on in other units ?
  2. Well my unit has asked for volunteers to play in a sandy place.
    Rumour has it that if enough people don’t volunteer then we’ll be volunteered.
    Date and destination unconfirmed.
  3. We've been offered a retention bonus, the options are:

    A). £10000 Tax Free. :)
    B). A 2 Seater Sports Car. :lol:
    C). 3 Virgins for a Month. 8O

    Honest, Its true. :roll:

    Where's the rest of my drink.. :wink:

    I need to stop puting in emoticons, :oops:
  5. Ooopppppssss

    What unit you with, i'm putting in for a transfer ASAP
  6. If they're still virgins after a month - you're doing somehing wrong... :?

    Coat - Door - Gone
  7. I heard the APWT was being binned because too many people are failing. On the other hand I also heard (from unit PSI) that TA will soon bin the modular phase1 in favour of sending everyone off to the regular army phase 1 course. I forsee problems with people trying to get 8 weeks off work in one block.
  8. That will be the T.A Regular thing that they want us to be. do the job dont get the same pay etc
  9. Yeah i heard some shit about that... Do the "Proper" training then be a STAB. Cant see it coming through myself!
  10. It wont happen, we have enough problem trying to make vacancies at the ATR's at the moment for regulars as it is.

    I certainly havent heard anything about that being in the pipeline :)
  11. Well you would know fivetodo (if you are who I think you are...!)

    Anyway, this is essentially what the US National Guard do - same basic and trade courses as their regulars but then revert to a lower commitment. Has its plus and minus sides. I couldn't see the employers wearing that one over here apart from a few big multinationals - unless sufficient cash changed hands of course
  12. Announcement (or the decision will be made anyway) of TA(FAS) to be made on 15/16th Dec when the Executive Committee of the Army Board meets....

  13. I've also heard the rumour that ECAB are to make a final decision on TA FAS on 15 Dec but that no announcement's will be made until afetr Ministerial Approval has been given, which won't be until some time in Jan '06 after our fat cat ministers have gorged themselves over the festive period whilst those who it really affects wait in trepidation and expectation!!!
  14. I heard that phase one was to be conducted in the sand pit in order to make it more realistic and to show new recruits the possibilities of oversease travel with the TA. I've also heard that there are some excellent adventure training facilities being planned for Shaibah as well as a one-star wrestling night, 'Battle of the Brigs' [although 'Battle of the Bulge' would, no doubt, suffice], where you get to see your favourite brigade commanders pulling the spandex out of their MFO boxes and dusting off the leather gimp-masks...
  15. HM has finally given her seal of approval so now it's just a question of time. It appears that TA FIS will happen in slow time along the same lines as the regular battalions get renammed and rebadged. Heard that MoD seems to want to end the process by 2008