T.A in Herefordshire/Brum

Has anyone got any good contacts for T.A units in either Herefordshire or Birmingham area. I'm a serving police officer, 25 years old doing plenty of phys and am a serving copper. Have tried the usual channels but have been let down by the admin trail. Any unit contacts or advice would be gratefuly received; Partcularly in relation to either


Many thanks

Try A Sqn RMLY based in Dudley - they are an armoured Challenger 2 crew replacement squadron and there are a couple of fellow policemen in thjere. Alternatively, H Det in Hereford is the RMLY Recce troop (formerly LI) - you could give them a try.

A Sqn will give you the contact details for Hereford - 01384 230166.
4 Mercian is in B'ham, Kidderminster, Wolverhampton For all your infantry needs...

RHQ is wolverhampton.

Telephone: 01902 303804
E-mail:4MERCIAN-BHQ-ROSO@mod.uk or jointheta@yahoo.co.uk

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