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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by dwarfer, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. Hi all!

    I'm booked to do a fifteen day consolidated course in October. I just have a few questions i hoped someone could answer, who has recently completed the course.

    Firstly, do you do physical training/gym everyday, or is it every other day?
    Second, is it fifteen consecutive days of training, or is there a break at weekends?
    Thirdly, does it cover RT-1 to 6, or RT-1 to 9?

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. Which course are you on about? If it's the TSC(A) then yes, it's pretty much phys everyday. Whether it covers weekends 1-6 or 1-9 depends on which course your unit put you for, if it is TSC(Inf) then it's 1-9, if it is the normal TSC(A) it covers weekends 1-6.

    There's hardly any time off for the TSC(A)/ TSC(Inf) when I did it, but that may have been due to the idiot who constructed out timetable (who thought having lessons from 0730 (ish) -> 2300(ish) was a good idea.

    However, it all depends on where you are doing it and the timetable your training team have to work with.
  3. Can you PSI not answer all these questions?
  4. Sounds like you have been booked on TSC(Inf) if it's the full 15 days you are away which covers weekends 1-9. Your unit should be able to provide you with a programme. See here for an outline but be aware that it differs between RTCs: TA Phase1 Training - ARRSEpedia

  5. Maybe because that idiot thought you might not have enough spare days off work to do the full regular course...just a thought?
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  6. Thanks for your replies. yes, it is infantry course, so i guess it'll cover RTC1-9.

    Many thanks!