T.A and studying?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by The.phantom-wolf, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. Hello, i was originally planning to join the regulars, however, now have decided to go to college then uni and get a degree, before trying to join as an officer. However, as this will take years, i was pondering over the idea of joining the T.A in the meantime.. Which raises several questions. How would it effect my studies? how often/likely a i to be mobilized? i would like to be mobilized, but if it takes 6 months out of studying its just going to delay joining up as a regular officer further, and perhaps end up too old to join in the end, depending how much i miss etc. At this point in time, i am about to turn 18 in June, so i am still young, but it will take years for college and uni. When i try to join the regulars in future, i would aim to join as a para. So i would probably be aiming for 4 para with the T.A, however, it depends on lots of things.. if i would be better off doing a trade route in the T.A, it would give me skills and a longer time in training, so i wont miss studying and i will be able to join full time a better and more rounded man.. What would you advise? any answers are much appreciated.
  2. Try using the 'Search' you'll find a lot covered already.
  3. Go to your nearest TACs and have a chat.

    I joined as an undergrad.

    Go to one near uni.

    Oh, and learn some grammar, my PC has just puked.
  4. Join the University Officer training corps instead. It fits in with term time better, it will take up less time in general and you'll still get the uniform so you can show off to all the uni slags and get BJ's.

    It takes the best part of a year to get though phase 1 and 2 training in the TA and it a big comitment, the UOTC is quicker and they will be more sympethetic of your study schedule.
  5. UOTC is the smart way to go
  6. **** off.
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  7. i have heard about the uotc, but i want to go to study computer science , hopefully at Edinburgh if i can work hard enough, so i dont think its an option.
    sorry about the grammar, i have the mother of all headaches at the moment.

    @ Biscuits_AB, why ?
  8. I've heard it's full of blokes called Toby and Tristan who think that as a 3rd year they are experts on everything army.
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  9. **** right off.
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  10. If you are serious about becoming an officer go to Edinburgh UOTC. If you are not go to your nearest TA Unit. If you cannot manage to balance studying and UOTC / TA then a commission most likely is not for you.
  11. Probably best to go to your local AFCO.

    It is probably best to view ARRSE as a resource for things you can't find answers to by doing your own research and/or that they can't/won't tell you at an AFCO.

    My observation is that the members who are in the know - which unfortunately is increasingly few - get frustrated by posters such as yourself who seem to have made little effort to engage with even the content of the Army website and want answers to even basic questions.

    Best of luck to you.
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  12. to be honest, i have talked to people in the army, people joining the army, people that know lots of people in the army, went through the army site several times and googled hundreds of times at least, downloaded and purchased information and now im looking for a tailored answer to the questions that i cant find appropriate answers to. Its stressing me to ****, i dont know what i should do and even if i find answers it opens more questions, i want to get a degree that will serve me throughout my life and get me into an officer role, but i also dont want to **** around and not get ahead and do my bit. If i join the T.A, and have to repeat a year or two due to being mobilized, i could very well end up over 26 and never get in, which would really **** things up. But if i dont join, i will be studying for years and would be increasingly tempted to quit and join full time, without finishing. Neither of those are a good option. That is why im here, i dont have long to make up my mind and my plan, so i need some help. Sorry if my post here offended anyone, for whatever reason... i personally, cant imagine why it would offend, all i did was ask for some answers from the only people that could really give them. Seemed sensible to me at least..
  13. I joined my local uotc mid way through my part time degree (I was working full time) so it should be a breeze for a youngster like you.
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  14. If you are in full time study you are exempt from mobilisation, unless tanks are rolling down Tottenham High St, and let's be honest, you might want to get involved.
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  15. Life is not over past 26.

    The UOTC I have met struck me a throbbers, who exist in an enviroment where they mixed only with their own. They didn't experience getting messed about and so though everything gleamed all the time. The appear live in a privileged bubble.

    At least in the TA you run the serious risk of some life experience and meeting people outside of uni.

    Now it might not help saying this at RCB, but isn't it better to be a rounded human being?

    Why not try something like The Princes' Trust? Really get an insight into the world. That'd deffo **** your chances at RCB.

    What have you "purchased" and why are you getting stressed?

    Unless we invade Iran, you are unlikely to compulsarily mobilised.
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