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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by huggybear, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. been working now for a couple of months is a restaurant, and finally asked if i could join. my manager said they will think about it as the every other weekend training is the problem. tuesday evenings are fine as i usualy don't work them anyway. but does anybody know if you can do the weekend training every couple of weekends or does it have to be every other weekend. thanks :)
  2. Generally every other w/e and one 'drill' night a week, however during your initial training there will be a two week continuous training period......
  3. cool, thanks. hopefully get told i can tomorrow. is it still worth going in to talk to the unit i want to join.
  4. God yes, it always is
  5. Yes always go an see the unit personally as it speeds up the process and the unit has your details so they can contact you personally. an I wouldnt take "we'll think about it" as an answer.

    Tell them that you want to serve your country an that if they won't do it..then who will. That answer worked for me
  6. will ring them tomorrow before i got to work, try and see if i can go early next tuesday as i start work at 3. would they do monday as i finish at 5.

    is that what you said to your employer :)
  7. I really wouldn't be giving that out as advice. I think its more of a case you got lucky there.

    As always, Civvie job, family, study all come first and you'll be frequently told so.

    Best of luck but if they tell you no then I would strongly advise abiding by their decision, at least until you can find a new job that is perhaps more supportive. Your commitment needs to be to them first, it's in your best interests. Can't live on a TA only wage.
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  8. yep, job defantly more important. and even if they do say no, wouldn't leave as i get on well with everyone and it's a good paying job and a) this is my first job and B) hard to find jobs at the moment. as much as i want to join the t.a i wouldn't put it before a job. :)
  9. Well you've got about 7 week ends in your first few months followed by a two week course.

    Then you can factor in one every month or every other month for the rest of the year.

    I fucked my job off.
  10. Yeh probably was a case of I got lucky. Either way it worked for me, made my manager feel like an utter tosser.
  11. thanks :) and how come you fucked your job off. and what does that work out too, a couple of weekends a month over 3 months.
  12. It is about 2 a month with the 2 week glued in at the end. It's not really modular, it's like a 9 stage conveyer belt, fall off and you go to the start (some exceptions).

    I fucked my job off because it was restaurant based and you could take any day off except Fri, Sat or Sun. Not good for the TA. I'd nearly joined the regs twice and in those days, at 28 yrs old I was too old.

    Third, final and last option was the TA. You only live once and the proverbial boat was about to leave. Last chance saloon and all that. I took the opportunity.

    As I've mentioned in other threads, 16 years on, it has been the making of me.

    When you look back over your life will you feel satisfaction at joining up, or having a job in catering? Or will you hate yourself for listening to some random **** on the t'interweb?

    Life is about choices cupcake.

    Who dares wins Rodders!
  13. i think they may be ok with 2 a month, been told they will have a look at the rota and see what they can do. but i'm guessing the two weeks would probably **** the rest of the year if i wanted any holidays. and yea thats why i want to join. to do something different in my spare time, get fitter and stronger to be honest. then again i like my job and for a 20 year old it pays well. hopefully i can do both but if not my job will come first.

  14. Hopefully you get more than 2 weeks holidays a year (?) Once you get into training you will know all your weekend commitments up until the end of recruit training, so hopefully will be able to get your shifts to suit. Depending where you are, it may not be exactly every other weekend, but the unit you are planning to join will be able to tell you.

    Alternatively, if you can take an unpaid break from work you could complete your phase 1 training as a full time course (length depends on where you do it and who you are joining). Once again, your unit will be able to advise.
  15. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    No offense but you work in a restaurant, I can't imagine your career prospects are currently that exciting or fulfilling.

    Why don't you Jack that shit in and join the regs?