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Firefighting is an art form, it takes loads of training and loads of experience to perfect. However the army have tried to step in and show us different but i have a few things to say about them. I have many friends within the armed forces and TA , 1 is a Captain in the TA , he is a useless piece of shit that is as blind as a bat. If this is what WE (the public) are paying for then i want a refund and he is probably on far more pay than your usual shit you find in the army. We will see who wins this battle between the goverment and the Firefighter and we will walk away smiling and better payed.  your comments please. p.s  this doesnt go out to those highly trained killing machines (SAS( as they ARE true HEROS
You sir, are a butt hole

I doubt you have any friends at all, nevermind any in the STABS.

Tell us more about what you know about our Special Forces, you are clearly an authority on killing machines......I think the only machine you are up to date with is the tampon machine in the ladies bog.


War Hero
I would be surprised if he had any friends too ... especially as he refers to his alleged friend as "a useless piece of nuts" (the term nuts on this board is as we all know colloquial for sh1t or other derogatory phrase).  He is probably not so much a friend, more of a guy that Rosco hangs around with to get some credibility or to scrounge drinks off... I for one would hope that I never had to count on him as a "friend" in a fire situation or for that matter in any situation..."Friend" you should really find out the meaning of the word....  :mad:

wasn't he the useless tit in 'The Dukes Of Hazard'


Hey guys, almost on the verge of firemen vs forces sl*gging here....Is this a breakaway thread ? ???
yeah......................................................................tit ;D


I agree the army should not be doing fire duties and they can never be as good as the real thing, however we should have never been in green goddesses anyway the government should pay up.
Apart from that "ROSCO" you don't know anything about us in green so SHUT IT "BITCH" ;D ;D


Mighty DOGNUTS, the usual stupid, thick, brainless, moronic comment we have grown to love, get a life you sad fcuk ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

P.S Andy is the king
Your right Andy is the King, your all his silly little followers. There was a chap like him once, lived in Germany in the thirties & forties,had ideas way above his station, he two like a fool got gobby with the British Armed forces, I think they found him in a bunker with a skittle up his arse.

Topped himself rather than face the wrath of the angry British soldier........... It escapes me, think his name was Adolf, or something


Good point but as subtle as a sledgehammer :eek:

 Or is that all dmo can appreciate?

As for the firefighting art form:
      "Firefighting is an art form, it takes loads of training and loads of experience to perfect."
         I take it this is from another person with a job not a vocation

Watch it though he could be dangerous and know what he is on about with the SF if he did see all of the ultimate farce all you need to know about the sf.

With any luck he will apply for the latest Big Brother and dissapear into the obscurity he deserves!


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Art form my arse.  Its just rock paper scissors, the "thing" (insert car, bin, washingmachine or gobstopper factory or whatever u like) is hot and burning, u turn up u spray a bit of water, sometimes with fairy liquid, sometimes not and then it goes out.  

The skill is knowing when your on to a good thing and not let yourself get hung out to dry(!) by a fat failed footballer with a horseface of a mistress who spends your union dues in the condom machine in the posh bogs of london hotels where he takes his scank who addresses the FBU members as "Dear Brothers and Sisters".  But then there is no minimum entry standard for the fire brigade except laziness and the idea that the world owes you a living cos u once saw a dead person.

Its a dull crap job and we are so sick of having to do it why can't you all just fuk off you stupid thick money grabbing Taliban fire terrorists.
stupid thick money grabbing Taliban fire terrorists.
Mmmmm nice quote. It pleases me. Now I can think of all those greedy firemen (Oh okay, and women!) who are too scared or stupid to tell the union where to get off being hooded, bound and loaded on to C-17s, flown to a little sh1t hole in Cuba and kept there without trial for years.

Like I say, it pleases me, and the thought will make me smile as I'm sat in the desert.  ;D
Papa_L please do come down off the fence and say what you really think, you are very circumspect in your opinions old chap!   ???
Papa_L please do come down off the fence and say what you really think, you are very circumspect in your opinions old chap!   ???

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