T-72 Video may be of use from an Int point of view

This is interesting but as ‘Int’ it is not as the T-72 is hardly a new tank, they have been trashed on battlefields from Lebanon to Iraq! Any penetrating hit will kill it as it usually ignites the propellant charges in the auto-loader and off comes the turret! Anything from 105mm upwards and probably most ATGW's will easily kill a T-72. Thanks for the video though!
onfire said:

it might be this link - sorry, im not sure how to hyperlink it
Yes you're quite right I put the wrong link in. Sorry.

Anyhow, might be of interest to some.
EX_STAB said:
PE4rocks said:
Three words. Re-arrange to make a well known phrase or saying

Obturation, of, lack.
Interesting where the lack of obturation is though eh?
It's, essentially, why vehicles have overpressure NBC, CBN or whatever it's called this week, systems. AFV's leak.
Virtually any blank firing sytem has the same problem, to a greater or lesser degree.
The fact that an internal (in crew compartment) explosion can escape is, at that stage, a matter of little interest to the crew. IYSWIM. ;)
Prior to Granby we were visited by ex DDR T72 & BMP, shocked as to how small they are, hearing all the stories about the auto loader & commanders arms, it was eay to se how that happened once in the seat.....

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