Szukasz Pracy W Exeter I Okolicy?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EX_STAB, Jun 23, 2008.

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  1. Just how far has immigration gone when the Job Adverts are in a foreign language (in part at least)?
  2. less an immigration matter and more about lazy brit mongs unwilling to get off their arses and work for a living....I mean why should they!
  3. that's really common north of the border, mostly because you can't keep the natives off the buckfast and smack long enough to get them to go to work.
  4. This is far from a bilingual ad. In fact, this is probably little more than a sign that Poles are welcome to apply.

    People want, and increasingly expect, cheap labor. The Poles are willing to provide it. Whereas (and I can speak from my own experience here in a similarly-paid job, and their hiring difficulties) many British people won't get out of bed for the wage they're listing. Meanwhile, the employers are trying to keep their profit margins up. Welcome to the free market.
  5. it would be interesting to know if these Polish shop's would employ a non polish speaking shop assistant ?

    nice site! outlining jobs a list of temping agencies ? and of course welfare benefits and health care !!!
  6. Shock horror, EU member nation advertises low paid unskilled jobs in the language of another EU member nation. Where will it all end? It's the end of our national identity!!!!!!!!!!

    My god , the Germans are at it too!!!

    Kurwa mac Ex-Stab, zamknij się ,you pollute my forum with this gowno? :roll:
  7. It's probably necessary as you surely don't expect our f*cktards to have to get out of bed, off the social and actually do a day's work? :roll:

    The Spanish probably feel the same about the number of Brit expats who retire to Spain, making the place smell of wee and forcing up the local 'Blue Rinse' prices. :D
  8. Adux

    You beat me to it, mate. Having lived in Spain and seen the number of Brits who rock up searching for work (not only in bars and building sites but also office admin jobs) with no grasp of the lingo and absolutely no intention of getting a grip of it, I fear that the shoe is now on the other foot.
  9. Tsk tsk Tsk...where are all your accents PTP? I'd rather not dwell on Ex crabs guwno...the zywiec is on me :eek:
  10. Written on an English keyboard- now that is lazy :D
  11. Jeszcze Polska nie zginela

    Poland Is Not Yet Lost - first words of the national anthem of Poland

    The anthem is a military march of Polish regiments formed in Italy by Napoleon to fight against Austria nd Prussia. It contains words about Napolen who showed the Poles how to fight. By the way my distant relative Juzef Dobzanski (was born in 1787) was a cavalryman and took part in Napoleonic wars.

    Hej Słowianie, jeszcze nasza, Słowian mowa żyje

    Hey Slavs, our language is still alive - first words of pan-Slavic anthem (Polish variant). Another variant - Hey, Slavs, The spirit of our grandfathers is alive
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    As has been said, at least they want to work, so they can help to subsadize the homegrown idle chavs and pikeys with their hard earned taxes. Any person from these shores who wants to find a decent job need do no more than get off their arrse and look for one. Polish immigrants are doing far more for this country than a large portion of the bloody natives.