Systems Integration Engineers Abu Dhabi

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by steinlagerXV, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. Position Filled
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  2. Shame Less Bump:
    Our client is in desperate need for three candidates for this role so it is open and active
  3. Maybe you should drop the "profound documentation skills" and one million years of experience minimum then. A sig from the the Signals can probably square all that away for you, I mean seriously what's with the standards here? Is he required to operate the planes which will be detected by the said system, too?
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  4. Fair point on the "profound", probably lost in translation, probably "good" would suffice.

    4 years minimum experience, current minimum amount of service 4 years, so not impossible, the hiring manager is ex-Sigs so he knows what he is looking for.

    When I get back on my desk top I'll edit it

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  5. Working on a £5 Billion System -Bowman was only £2.4billion - you expect some high standards and not some mong to come along and make a complete cock up of it.