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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by signals, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. i was wondering if anyone had any experience of this job, im already down to be a CS op but i would prefer to be repairing the equipment, rather than operating it each day, any replies would help a lot, thanks
  2. If you want to repair kit, don't bother being a Tech at the minute - we're not allowed to fix the majority of the new kit.
  3. Or ever have been able to fix it!! :thumright:
  4. I fixed a 353 once, I remember it well. :threaten:
  5. They used to be very good at sorting out knacked VCRs.
  6. Whats a 353?
  7. If you are serious about trying to become a Sys Eng Tech then you may want to read a few more of the forums on this site. Not many people will be able to tell you what it is like because by the time you would do the course the whole job will have changed and will be a lot more IS orientated.
  8. [nowah]Clansman VHF radio[/nowah]
  9. Has anyone seen the draft programmes for the Class 3 and Class 1 Comms Sys Engr course yet?
  10. No
  11. Someone showed me a photocopy of each, about 2 months ago. VERY interesting. As Jesus Christ (a jewish bloke years ago) once said, the geek shall inherit the earth.
  12. I presume it's more orientated to the cone head side rather than the Tech side?
  13. See, there's yer problem, guvnor...your use of the word "tech". There will be no more technicians in our Corps, since the traditional skillsets have evolved towards engineering, rather than repairs. All I'll say is the people who want to repair things will be disappointed. If you think from the perspective of "engineers", rather than "technicians" then it'll all be a lot easier. It's not more oriented towards the cone-head side, but there seems to be a good balance in there. I think you'll find that the stuff that people have been complaining about being irrelevant in the modern era has finally been dumped. Irrelevant yes, security blanket definitely. Both Class 3 and Class 1 look very good - and very good for civvy street when you leave too!
  14. They better still have to learn calculus, no-one should ever get to escape that :frustrated:

    It is about time a course was designed for what the trade will do though - sad to say that we're probably the last generation of techs who will actually repair anything other than coax cable though.
  15. And as long as the future "engineering" (or whatever it is to become) supervisory trade endures Fourier and Laplace Transforms!