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Hey up all,

Been browsing these forums for some time now and just decided to sign up today.

Currently going through the application process (passed BARB yesterday) and have been given a whole list of job opportunities open to me in the Army. The two that interest me the most are Systems Engineer Technician and Aviation Technician - good pay and promotion prospects, education, and all the benefits of being a soldier.

I am interested in general information and first hand experience from people who have worked in or with the trade. In particular, what is the competition like for these trades, what is phase 2 training like and what are the typical day-to-day duties (on top of the daily admin work), what are the living conditions like, and whats the general attitude towards these trades. I've had a bit of a taster of the attitude at the AFCO (all in good fun though, I think :roll: ) and reading these forums.

Another common question, which I find difficult finding an answer to, is how long am I looking at from the medical stage to actually starting basic? I understand a lot of the trades only next intake is January '06 at the earliest. I've been told by my AFCO that I could be looking at Nov this year, but I find that hard to believe.

Anyway, before I turn this into a stupid essay, I'll finish up here.

When you get to your working unit your life will depend on where you get sent - Sys Eng Techs can work on any kit from radios, computers and networks, surveillance kit, phone exchanges and networks or satellite kit (and probably more that I've forgotten). Your accomodation will also vary wildly, depending on where you get posted. Not sure how competition for Sys Eng Tech is at the moment, they have a problem with too many Corporals, but not sure how that is affecting recruiting in that area.
Thanks for replying.

Just few more questions and I can relax till the next stage.

When is the next intake for Systems Eng Tech? I've heard two dates, November and January, so slightly confused on which one is right.

What is the chance I could make either intake, keep in mind I've only just passed the BARB test and handed in the medical questionnaire to my GP?

Most importantly, to me, what part of the application process takes the longest - I've heard it is the medical questionnaire part, which I'm at now?


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