Ever wanted to give it a go, now you can. Extract below is taken from the Corps pages of MS Web..


There is now a requirement to recruit, select and train RLC WO2 Systems Analyst for the manning years of 2010 and 2011. Currently there will be no more than two vacancies per manning year. This may however, increase subject to Establishment action.

Minimum qualifications for RLC soldiers wishing to transfer to this CEG are currently; Substantive rank of SSgt, with one recommendation for promotion to WO2 and six years of remaining Residual Service on completion of Systems Analyst training, within their current engagement. Whilst this CEG is primarily involved with Supply Chain management, it is anticipated that the majority of applicants will be from Log Spec Supplier. Application to transfer, however remains open to every RLC CEG. This is particularly relevant to Dvr and PC Op CEGs, as there may be openings where a core knowledge of these CEGs will be essential.

Applications are to be made on an RLC Change of Employment proforma, in accord with RLC Corps Instructions and returned to CSS Ms Sldr Branch RLC Section 4 by Fri 13 Mar 2009. Qualified applicants will be Boarded and loaded on Training Courses from the Board Merit List by the APC.
Possible sticky maybe, simply entitled - VACANCIES?


Due to establishment increases and promotions more suppliers are required for service within Commando Forces, Plymouth, Chivenor.

Suppliers who are successful on the All Arms Commando Course (AACC) will benefit long term from this qualification as it will widen employability and increase military skills (Arctic /Jungle Warfare Trg). The immediate rewards include extensive travel; amphibious exercises in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Far East this year; you will serve alongside and be part of an elite military force.

All supplier volunteers will be assigned to Cdo Log Regt subject to passing AACC.
There is an urgent need for recruiters at the following sites

ACIO Rochdale
ACIO Grimsby
ACIO Haverfordwest
AFCO Chatham
Army Contact Point Dalston
Army Contact Point Hounslow

RLC Soldier Wing is looking for Sgt or SSgt (any trade) to fill these posts. Applicants must be entering the final year of service. Continuance will be granted to allow at least 2 yrs in post. Volunteer through RCMO Now. This is urgent. Selection will be made in next 2 weeks.
overpaid said:
Re: the Systems Analyst:

What will it offer?

and what does it entail?
If you are interested track the number down for WO1 LSST in Bicester and ask away....

or even easier pm me and i will send you a number to call.
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