System Engineering Technician.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Kujaroth, Apr 29, 2006.

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  1. Hello there, I am seriously considering applying for this trade within the army. I haven't found enough information on the internet nor booklets, so I was wondering if any of you here could help me :).

    I'd like to ask a few questions and any help will be greatly appreciated. (I have sent off the "further interest" form so I think I will have some sort of interview soon but would like some answers now as i'm currently doing a National Diploma in Engineering and am considering quitting it to join the army)

    1. To do a ND within this trade, is it all done within the army? or would I need to go back to college?

    2. I have passed all GCSE's and was wondering is this enough to get me into this trade, or is there further tests etc to see if im worthy of entering the army within this trade?

    3. I know you can do a degree, and was wondering is this done in your own time. Or do you get time to complete this without being posted on exercises etc?

    4. I understand that there is alot of maths in this, And was wondering would a Gcse grade B is high enough to cope with the work demand?

    As I said any help/Further information on this trade is very welcome and much appreciated, Thanks!
  2. This in my opinion is a dying trade. The way forward is with the IS engr trade. You will find that most 'Class 2' Technicians re-trade to this as opposed to going on their class 1 Technician course. (upgrade) This is due to the lack of incentive in spending another 14 months at Blandford being treated like a buffoon. Also if, like me, are a class 2 technician and don't wish to go any further, you will be 'brown lettered'and forced into other avenues, ie cuvvie street or re-trade, both of which do not appeal. Plus points, $$$$$$$$.
  3. It is a dead trade, they have far too many class 2 techs and with the arrival of Bowman the lazy b@stards have got even less to do becuase they can't work on it. My suggestion, if you want to be a tech then go be an air tech in the REME and then get out and get paid sh1t loads in civvy street
  4. Hmmm, but the main reason I wanted to do System Engineer Tech was because of the qualifications I can gain. E.g ND in engineering and even work up to a degree in telecomms. I'll look more into air tech definately. REME doesn't really appeal to me as much as the R signals did, but I don't know alot about either. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Go RSIGNALS but remember that it takes years to get those quals and an awful lot of studying. Plenty of booze along the way though. Enjoy.
  6. ^ ^ Ah great, I am planning on sticking with the army long enough. Plenty of booze sounds great :)
  7. plenty of booze in any trade, mix it with bodily fluids and become a liney!

    if i had the choice again i might have gone install tech/mech whatever they are called,

    lots of quals and some decent sunny postings
  8. No more automatic promotion straight out of training and you only start to get anything resembling a decent qualification after the class 1 and FofS courses. And please don't quote the NVQ you get becuase we all know what NVQ stands for...

    No respect from anyone in the Corps unless you plan on being a grafter and you don't plan on throwing your not free anymore but still far too easily gained stripe(s) around.

    Heres a question though, what are techs actually going to be doing now that most of the Army is Bowmanised? It only takes 5 minutes to show an operator how to rehead a cable which is basically what you lazy fcukers end up doing all day in the workshops anyway.

    Dead trade mate I wouldn't bother if I was you, the only good thing about being in the Royal Signals will be your background in the telecomms field when you finally decide that the Army is sh1t (and you will) and you fancy getting out and going for a career in telecomms in civvy street.

    If I could do it again... Id have gone to Uni, better places to get p1ssed because all squaddie towns are shite. Same old bars, same old fights, same old ugly birds every weekend.