Sysex 98/99

I was at sysex at Blandford 98/99 and left the sinking ship in Jan 2000. Anyone else who was there the PM me and see if we knew who we were
Did you go to MCTC?
As an instructor, not an in-mate?
No left sysex for the glorious world of civ div. Half of me wishes I had stayed in and the half is all civvie.
Think I may know who your thinking of tho......Provo at the time, shortish, round and very broad brummie accent.??????
As proven on your other posts your obviously a bit of a knob dirt bike rider (or should that read dirt pipe rider!!!!) Go and abuse someone of your own intelligence level at the local kindergarten
I was on sysex as a trainee 98, youre not the little short blond cnut with a huge chip on your shoulder are you?
No i was the big tall dark haired c11nt on the SAS/MC mostly. Hope I didnt fail you too many times!!!! :lol:
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