SysEng & SpecOp Overmanned

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Ayrey, Oct 6, 2005.

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  1. Hey all,

    I've done a search on this, but I was unable to pull up any updated information on this. The last I heard, SysEng and SpecOp trades were either overmanned or becoming so.

    Can anyone shed any upto date information on this, as I have an application going through for both of these? Also, when are the next intakes and how often are they scheduled?

  2. I'm going for Systems Engineer Technician and have been told the next intakes are on 21/11 and 9/01.

    I have my RSC thing on the 21st of this month, i have to go a day early for a spirometry test as I had asthma when i was tiny. I've been out jogging and stuff, and have discovered that I have become amazingly unfit since i left school (5 years ago). I should be okay by the 21st though, I've only been out jogging for a few days and I can already notice an improvement. Saying that, it's easy to improve on nothing isn't it? :D Upper body strength stuff isn't a worry, I've been doing weights on and off since i left school.

    The spirometry thing is a bit of a worry as was smoking for a couple of years too, quit about 4 months ago. No problems with asthma though.

    I've heard similar things about the positions being overmanned, but i don't know how accurate they are.
  3. Can't comment on the SysEng side of things but Spec Ops aren't overmanned and havn't been for some time.

    The operator trades are soon going to be changing in the next couple of years anyway.... Not entirely sure what's happening there, but I'm sure someone in this forum will know whats going on!

  4. Moomin dont worry about the trade SysEng Tech.

    Yes they are overmanned but only at Cpl class2 level. There is still a healthy intake and while rank progression will be harder than the old days it will increase your credability among your peers (rather than being a sprog fullscrew who got promoted by SugarPuffs).

    Keep training and you be fine.

    Good look
  5. Tsk tsk disco surely you should know that it's rice crispies not sugar puffs.

    In response to the original question yes there is an overmanning but disco is right it's higher up. There is nowhere near the amount of class 3's being pushed through the system as there was 6 years ago but they still train them. It just means you'll have to work a little harder and be a litle better than the rest to shine through. If you are serious about sys eng then PM either myself or one of the other more vocal techs on here and we'll happily give you advice and help. If you've been out of school 5 years and wanting to go sys eng then as well as doing some phys start thinkinga bout brushing up on your basic maths skills as this is the first hurdle you will reach once you finish basic.
  6. MB - I joined having had Asthma as a kid. I told them at the time and they gave me no problems during the medical. Upper body does bugger all for your cardiovascular fitness. Running will open up your lungs and get you in good order for the spirometry. Keep runnig and you will be fine.

  7. Is there such a thing ? :roll:
  8. ^I thought they were all quiet shy retiring folks, never moan about a thing
  9. Excellent. I thought they were overmanned entirely, which would have no doubt delayed the recruiting process. I don't mind working that much more harder for promotion, heck, I had that in mind anyway :lol:

    Moominbob, I sent you a PM, mate.

    Just a silly question of interest, but how popular is SysEng Tech for those applying for the Army? In other words, what is the competition like? Give me an idea of whether there could be a back log of applicants.

    Thanks for the replies
  10. Ayrey, check your PM.

    Since leaving school I've been a CCTV engineer, which can involve networking and general PC based stuff. Could build a few PCs, cable, terminate and set up a network and intergrate a CCTV system within it. Also set up dial in crap. Big brother is watching you :p

    Is this the kind of stuff that you do as a SysEng but with more complicated equipment? Or is it altogether more compicated? I'd like to be doing something more complicated/challenging than what i'm doing at the moment.
    I was always pretty good at maths but I think I'll take the advice and brush up on it a bit. Skills fade and all that :D

    One one is one, one two is two, one three is three, one four is...................four, one five is five......
  11. Do not become a Spec Op. You'll regret it. I have lots of Spec Op mates and not one of them likes the job (apart from EOD).

    Moominboob - sounds like you're doing the right thing by going SysEngTech. Go for it.

    But...don't forget the IS Engr trade.
  12. Well become an operator then if you want something more challenging!!! :lol: All techs do these days is swap out units, they fix Feck All!!! 8)
  13. Are you mental? An operator's job is more challenging than a technical trade? Dream on.