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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by VanishingPoint, Jul 27, 2005.

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  1. This trade has been recomended to me but was just wondering what is involved. I was also told i'd get lance jack at end of course but reading other threads im not sure and people seem to say its overmanned so are promotion prospects not good.
  2. Ok firstly a warning you will recieve numerous comments saying it's a dead trade, you'll be hated by everyone and various other comments laying into you.

    Now the serious stuff. Yes the trade is overmanned, but still recruiting, so if you want to do it then give it a go as they'll still accept you and evn though the trade group is overmanned it is full of a lot of dross. The LCpl at the end of the course has been removed (as far as i know) but promotion is still faster through this route. If you became a tech you would be in for a lot of stick, it comes with the job i'm afraid. It can be a very enjoyable job to those who approach it in the right manner. Nobody knows the future of the trade and everything that is being said on here is purely speculation.

    My advice, go for it. If you cant hack the job or biff the course then you can always do what all the other biff techs do and become RS Ops and spend your career slagging off techs.

    Now excuse me i'm off to take cover from the assault that is about to be sent my way.
  3. Some good points Bully!

    Wrt promotion the policy will be that those who commence tech trg after Mar 06 will still be promoted to sub L/Cpl.
    HOWEVER, selection for promotion to Cpl (Acting until successful completion of JCLM Parts 1 & 2) will not occur until the candidate has successfully completed the Class 2 - 1 entrance exam.

    Hope this helps - Good Luck!

    ps - You say you hate us but you don't, if we weren't here there'd be no-one to fix your hair straighteners... :lol:
  4. Thanks for advice.

    What do you mean by brewmaking skills PoisonDwarf?
  5. All good technicians need to know how to make a good brew that's so they can compare it to the brew they've been given on a first line and decide how many A jobs to dish out. :lol:

    Either that or it was a sly dig saying that techs tend to sit about on their arrses all day suppin brews, which is a blatent lie i had to get up and go to the shop just now................................we'd ran out of milk.
  6. Very very good Bull, like that one.

    Last time I was involved in a first line the bast@rd (not the Bull btw) didn't do tea or coffee but wanted me to put my hand in my pocket and buy the git a coke. S'pose it was worth a good report, but I was unhappy at shelling out 50marks when there was someone else's perfectly good brew kit nearby!

    Tea and coffee are very overated anyway.

    :roll: :roll:
  7. 50 marks for a can of coke!!!! Come on, own up you slipped him a bung didnt you :wink: either that or you meant 50 phennigs.

  8. Echo that one boney, unless it was a "line" of coke!!!!
  9. Nothing sinister, just that, as a sprog, it's yer job to get the brews on! Sorry to disappoint you :wink: