Syrian rebels naughty?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by putteesinmyhands, May 6, 2013.

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    If confirmed, it seems that the seemingly automatic supposition that Arab government bad, Arab rebel good is about to be rethought.
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  2. Just read that on Yahoo too. I wonder if this will change all the ideas of supplying weapons to the rebels?
  3. From what I've heard sections of each Side are as bad as each other... A wholesale cancelling out would be no bad thing.
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  4. Pretty much what everyone was scared of. Once Assad started dispersing his stuff, the odds were always in favour of it falling into rebel hands as the bases got over-run.
    I suspect that any use is sporadic, and quite possibly by people who don't actually know or care what the munition is that they are firing. There's probably rounds changing hands like Top Trumps cards all over the place by now.
  5. I've seen on the odd 'conspiracy' (not really the right word) website and blog that much of what we've been led to believe about Syria is propaganda. It's alleged that rebels comit attrocities then film them to give the appearance that it was government troops who did so. I've no idea what the reality is. I wouldn't be unwilling to believe that the rebels are the ones with the sarin gas and that they are using it on the people they claim to fight for just to get the attention they want and see the world accuse the government of using WMD. I'll have a google and see if I can spot an article or two that I've read.

    How long has the Syrian civil war been going on for now? It must be a couple of years at least.
  6. I truly wish I believed that were possible. Unfortunately, I think that narrative is promoted because it supports the pre-decided position. I don't think the position is in any way determined by evidence of who's doing what.
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  7. Perhaps the fact we aren't backing anyone is proof we did lessons learned.

    "I have 120 pairs of naive enhancing rose coloured spectacles for sale, they come comple with an idiots guide to blissful ignorance, all for the princely sum of 59.05"
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  8. From some of the footage I have seen I would agree. Let the country implode and the world will be a better place.
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  9. Exactly,

    Let them kill each other.

    No sympathy here!
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  10. What do the USA or UK (or any Western nation for that matter) stand to gain from doing anything for Syria?
  11. I agree but with brain dead idiots like Hague and the rest of them pulling the levers?!!
  12. I reckon it's a similar situation to Libya and that the rebels ARE using propaganda tactics. I also believe that we (The West) are aware of this and allowing it to happen because if the rebels do take the country and are not the good people they were originally thought to be then we will have an excuse to put our boots on the ground under the guise of liberation at a later date when it suits.

    Tinfoil hat quite sweaty today.
  13. Not much but they would stand to lose a lot more if the conflict spread (which it is) and destabilised the Middle East even further.

    An increasingly twitchy Israel brought about as a result of an even more****ed up Syria will cause a lot more problems for the US than Syria itself ever could.

    And on top of all this, once Assad falls (if he does) then Syria will inevitably become the latest jihadi summer destination and will serve as a base for all sorts of ne'erdowells to operate from.

    In a nutshell, what is actually happening IN Syria is obviously very sad (etc) but isn't that important unless you're actually in Syria. It's what happens to neighbouring countries as a result of the Syrian conflict and also what transpires after Assad's departure that the West needs to really be worried about.

    We're buggered if we intervene and there's every chance we'll end up regretting it if we don't as well.

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  14. What I cannot understand is why Russia is not getting involved as it is their only port in the Med?
    The regime is not to everyones taste but has kept the lid on.
    I cannot see the rag bag of Jihadists etc creating anything but chaos?