Syrian Opposition Sniper

By current newspaper standards that's not a bad one.

The 'Independent on Sunday' ran a story on Mali last week with a pic captioned 'Chadian troops at Bamako airport'. In fact, it was a photo from Op PALLISER. The Sierra Leonean militiamen in that pic could have been mistaken for other Africans by some know-nothing journo, but not the paras who were standing with them.
If she can't hit anything, it's a Dragunov. If she can it's an, oooh, the names on the tip of my tongue, errm, what was it again, something to do with a camera?

Being a never-served civvy cunt, I'm not sure she's not much of a sniper though, standing in the middle of the street like that. I thought snipers were supposed to be sneaky buggers, hiding away and shit. Could one of the two sodjers on here confirm one or t'other please?

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