Syrian Opposition Sniper

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fencer90, Feb 5, 2013.

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  1. Telegraph says this Lady armed with a Dragunov. I am sure some on this forum might know better

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  2. Oh God, now you've started something!
  3. Apologies I should have looked in the other forum Sorry .
  4. FFS man! Someone lock this please!
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  5. Sloppy threeseeess please?
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  6. Those Dragunov things, are they self loading?

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  7. .
    What does SLR stand for?
  8. Self Lo...... Oh fuck it, I've been.......
  9. Film of a ricochet from That Rifle hitting a tank..

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  10. By current newspaper standards that's not a bad one.

    The 'Independent on Sunday' ran a story on Mali last week with a pic captioned 'Chadian troops at Bamako airport'. In fact, it was a photo from Op PALLISER. The Sierra Leonean militiamen in that pic could have been mistaken for other Africans by some know-nothing journo, but not the paras who were standing with them.
  11. If she can't hit anything, it's a Dragunov. If she can it's an, oooh, the names on the tip of my tongue, errm, what was it again, something to do with a camera?

    Being a never-served civvy cunt, I'm not sure she's not much of a sniper though, standing in the middle of the street like that. I thought snipers were supposed to be sneaky buggers, hiding away and shit. Could one of the two sodjers on here confirm one or t'other please?
  12. Syrian Ladies Rifle perhaps?

    I've got my coat and will close the door on my way out!
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