Syrian Intervention (or wot I got teeched from Libya)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by peccavi, Nov 20, 2011.

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  1. It seems the first signs of armed resistance have occurred in Damascus, Syria with Assad claiming he will fight to the death (these Dictators never learn do they?).Syrian Baath Party building 'hit by rockets' - Telegraph\

    So there's no oil but skip a few months of a more popular uprising along the lines of Libya coupled with continued government intransigence and will we see more intervention along the lines of Libya? Cyprus is so well, if not too closely, placed.

    You can just see Dave & Sarko saying how marvelously well their new Libyan Doctrine worked out...
  2. I have no problem with that. If the Syrian people decide to top their current dictator with the aid of some air strikes from the RAF then they can pay us back by kicking Hezbollah out on it's arrse. It'll leave Iran more isolated and may encourage the Iranians to replace the religious nut jobs out with the secular government that most Iranians crave.
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  3. Agreed by the thing is Syria's army and air force is a lot more formidable than Libya's. I doubt Cyprus would be keen to have some of Syria's 500 MLRS fired at them either.
  4. Libya formidable? I think not. And they are facing the Turks. I know who my money will be on.