Syrian Hannibal Lector?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tricky1982, May 14, 2013.

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  1. He just misunderstood when someone said "Have a heart."
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  2. And that's the sort of rabid fuckwit our Dear Prime Minister is considering sending Body Armour and Armoured vehicles to. The silly, ignorant, arrogant, spoilt little Etonian Cunt!
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  3. Well at least they'd be going to a good home. Including a field cannery might be a nice touch, though.

    To paraphrase Napoleon, an army marches on its enemy's stomach!
  4. No horsemeat there, and halal as well!
  5. hotel_california

    hotel_california LE Book Reviewer

    A quick check and yes, you can't eat bacon but human is indeed halal (if he's not a muslim and foreign).
  6. Who is this Al and why was he eaten?
  7. Saw this on liveLeak a few days ago, and the video clip does indeed look to be genuine. There was rumours of this going on for quite a while but this was the first time the fools have recorded themelves doing it.
  8. Aorta report this thread, you heartless bastards. It's a bloody disgrace, pumping this kind of propaganda onto the internet...

    my taxi you say? why thank you.
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  9. does this count as ally?
  10. Bit of a tradition amongst Arab warriors? In 378, the Goths had crossed the Danube, defeated local Roman forces and were sweeping right up to the gates of Constantinople. However, what turned the Goths back was an incident when an Arab auxiliary (probably recruited in Syria) in Roman service killed a Goth during a skirmish, leapt down from his horse, and started drinking the blood from his opponent's throat. At which point, the Goth's mates decided, "Hmmm, not sure we want to mix it up further with these bastards, thank you very much," and Op Sir Robin'ed.
  11. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    tup tup tup tupt. MMM

    I read a book recently by an RM major. He was an unarmed UN obsercer in Sierra Leone when it all went tits up. The West Side Boys surrounded the compound he was in and laid seige to it, spaying bulles everywhere and generally winding themselves into a fury. The Nigerian commander received repeated messages to the effect that were the major to be handed over, all the rest would be spared. Many times the West Side Boys' commander got high as a kite and squared up to the compound, waving his AK and shouting.

    Eventually, the major asked a local what the commander was saying, to be told that he was saying he was going to eat the major.

    Imagine that. Sitting in a compound with a few choggie soldiers and no gat with a mad cannibal and his army dancing around outside, off their heads on Khat and waiting to eat you.