Syrian clips causing drop in Royal Armoured Corps recruitment?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Maalox, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. With all this footage of Syrian tanks being opened up like tin cans as here - FSA attacks SAA tank with 9M113 Konkurs ATGM 01/06
    I bet that recruitment to the Royal Armoured Corps is already down!

    Without a Trophy-type defence system, a Konkurs missile will destroy a Challenger II almost as easily as a T55.

    Who wants to face certain death in a metal coffin?

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  2. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    To be honest the pictures I've seen just makes me think that using a tank for FIBUA thinking one is protected is a miscalculation.
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  3. No it won't.

    No infantry weapon has ever destroyed a CR2, despite many attempts.

    Comparing the protection of a T-55 and a Challenger is a bit like comparing the results of crashing a 1960s Lada and a modern Ford Focus.

    You utter, shrivelled, warty, cheesy bell-end.
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  4. As would JAVELIN, latest generation Russian AT or any other current or last generation ATGM.
    AT weapons and Tank armour will always go around in circles, countering each other. No doubt in a number of years there'll be something that will defeat a 'Trophy' or 'Arena' point defence system. And the cycle will continue...

    BTW, although I'm no expert, the vehicle in question seems to have suffered a minestrike K-Kill - upside down, thrown track, turret intact. Rather than being upright having been hit from a top-attack ATGM.

    But then again, you seem to talk absolute shite on this site, I'm leaving it.

    I've posted as I didn't want to waste the last 90 seconds of my life typing.
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  5. Wouldn't worry unduly. We won't have many of those nasty tank things soon enough.

  6. If the crew in a Challenger II can walk away from this kind of hit - FSA attacks SAA tank with 9M113 Konkurs ATGM 01/06
    then I am more than impressed with British tank technology.

    Even Merkavas were opened up like Coke cans by Konkurs in 2006, hence their liberal use of the Trophy system, 120mm beehive rounds and heavy 'panzer grenadier' anti-tank crew hunting type infantry accompaniment.
  7. No wonder you got oxygen theif ...
  8. Well they could always type themselves to death in the SPS.
  9. Be impressed.

    BBC NEWS | Scotland | Dragoon guards survive ambush
    BBC NEWS | UK | Tanks and artillery 'face MoD axe' (the bit about being hit by seventy RPGs)

    I'm not saying any tank is indestructible, of course it isn't. But CR2 is much, much more advanced than some piece of Russian shite that was designed when The Queen was still Princess Elizabeth and then badly built by Communists for export.
  10. Those are Syrian Tanks manned by Syrian soldiers

    Ours are British manned by British soldiers. See the crucial difference?

    Question to OP. When was the last time a British Tank was destroyed in such a fashion? (Blue on blue don't count for this survey) and, as such, why would that stop recruits joining the RAC?
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  11. Mmmmmhhhhh!

    The Lada has heavier armour (bodywork, you can shag fat lasses on the bonnet or roof), better off road performance (Riva or Niva), more room for the dog and it doesn't make you look like a big girl's blouse.

    The Ford Focus has the better turning circle and can reach 60 miles an hour before reaching the end of Tesco's car park, but it makes you look like a right twat.
  12. Well it didn't stop them signing up during the cold war when in the event of the 3rd Shock rolling through life expectancy was something like 30 seconds.

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  13. For comparison though, can someone fire a Spandrel at Maalox just to see the result?
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