Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tweed Man, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. I've heard rumers that th U.S. will be "Bringing Democrocy" to Syria, any thoughts?
    Many thanks.
  2. Oh bloody hell...
  3. Because it worked so well in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  4. Drones.
  5. Werewolf is gonna drop buckets of "instant sunshine" up Assad's hoop. Fear naught
  6. By that you mean push trolleys at him, don't you?
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  7. Open up Walmarts and 7Elevens....
  8. Serious head on.

    Election time in Uncle Sams back yard. Another ME excursion? No chance.
  9. Journo ?
  10. 'Events, dear boy, Events.'

    Every so often a nation loses the plot and starts biting itself, or its neighbours. This time its Syria. It doesn't need 'democracy', because if it had that, the 70 % Sunnis would quickly vote all the Shia into shallow graves.

    What it urgently needs is for the Russians to make up their mind- Do they want a loyal client state with all the stability of 1970 Saigon, or do they want a more stable and predictable region as a whole? Since Putin is an unreconstructed Cold Warrior, I expect they'll go for the former.

    Meanwhile, our NATO partner Turkey has this mess unfolding on its doorstep. The level of their involvement may very well dictate the level of OUR involvement. Ain't alliances grand?
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  11. Oh good we get to dust (literally) off the away kit rather soon, playing v Afghan in the 3rd strips been fun! I still want a good match in the home colours though, if only the Argies had a back bone.

    Serious head on, I don't know enough about Syria's natural resources, but that should give you a clue of what, if anything is going to happen!
  12. Economically, not much to write home about, even before the sanctions. It's basically a Arab-Soviet Family kleptocracy. It's basically agricultural, but had some bad droughts that have wrecked the Eastern provinces.

    What's much more important is its border position between the Sunni and Shia blocs. At the moment, it gives Iran a voice in the Med. Topple Syria, and the Hezbollah puppets running Lebanon will find their supply lines through Iraq to Iran cut.

    If the Sunnis take over, it'll be a fight between the non-Arab Turks and the Wahhabi nutjobs from Saudi as to who runs it. The Arabs don't want to see a resurgent Ottoman empire, and the rest of the world doesn't really want to see the Saudi theocrats getting ideas in this theatre either.
  13. Having beaten a very sad and rather undignified retreat from Damascus a little over a year ago, it would be quite nice to go back and give the local leather jacket wearers a good kicking.
  14. Well it's 3rd time lucky! And if predicted it overspills into neighbouring states will anyone actually give a **** if it kicks off in Iran they must be getting a bit twitchy now.
  15. Leave well alone, nothing in Syria is any of our business, I believe the French actually used the place after WW1 so let them go and sort things out..............if they are minded too, and somehow I think they just might.