Just trying to work out why a T 72 , armed with (amongst other things) a bfo 125mm gun, is running scared from an APC armed with a 7.62 machine gun !

Perhaps they think it's a vbied?
As long as they get the correct targets...what could go wrong?
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I hope they go all the way and topple Assad. If they do, I suspect the Syrian army will topple him themselves. I hope afterwards all the Syrian refugees will return because I get the impression they rather like their country and it could be a pleasant place to raise families if it was peaceful. I am assuming of course, that the refugees are not already western benefit junkies.


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Does Assad still have Scuds with the range to hit Ankara or Istanbul?

If he hit them, is NATO legally obligated to 'defend' Turkey, being that it is Erdogan who is attacking Syria?
No real surprise that Russia has denied committing war crimes, most nations would do so but western nations will investigate. Has Russia actually admitted killing or injuring a single civilian yet?
The Kremlin on Tuesday rejected allegations by the United Nations that Russia may have committed war crimes in Syria last year, saying the U.N. investigators are in no position to know what is happening on the ground.

“We strongly reject these claims,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. “It’s obvious that one committee can not have reliable information of what is happening on the ground.”

A report by a U.N. commission found that Russia - the Syrian government’s main ally against rebels and militants - conducted air strikes on a popular market and a camp for displaced people that killed dozens of civilians in July and August.
Russia and Turkey have agreed to a ceasefire in Idlib. This goes into effect at midnight on Thursday.
Putin, Erdogan agree to Syria ceasefire after upsurge in fighting, migrant wave
"I express hope that these agreements will serve as a good basis for a cessation of military activity in the Idlib de-escalation zone [and] stop the suffering of the peaceful population and the growing humanitarian crisis," Putin said.

Erdogan told reporters the truce would come into effect at midnight on Thursday.

"We will work together to supply aid for the Syrians in need," he said, adding that Turkey retained the right "to respond to all [Syrian] regime attacks in the field."
Part of the agreement is to establish a secure corridor along the M4 highway. The latter has appeared in the fighting in recent videos posted here. The corridor will reach 6 kilometres either side of the M4. The details of the corridor are to be agreed to within a week.
The two leaders also agreed to establish a secure corridor near the M4 highway, which runs east to west through Idlib, and hold joint patrols along the road from March 15.

In a joint statement read out by the Turkish and Russian foreign ministers, the two sides said the corridor would stretch six kilometres to the north and six km to the south of the M4 – effectively advancing Russia's presence further north into Idlib.

They said their defence ministers would agree on the parameters of the corridor within seven days.
R&U's latest translation of an Anna News video. This time: The Undeclared War between Syria and Turkey.

As always, there's an alternative view (in this case, mainly from the Turkish perspective) of events to be had. That is, the Anna News video is pro-Assad.

Edit: watching the RuAF airstrikes (sometimes on individual Jihadis) and the Turkish drone strikes, does turn one's thoughts towards the UK's ground based air defences [well, the paucity thereof].

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Egyptian/Turkish rivalry getting another friction point, with everyone's favourite proxy/patsy, the Kurds, once again being played.

'Unnamed Egyptian sources report that Egypt is giving major military assistance to the SDF in Syria to help them in their conflict with Turkey. Egypt has also provided the SDF with a diplomatic office in the capital Cairo and also a TV station. This has encouraged the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia to give financial aid to the SDF as well. Egypt appears to be leading Arab States in giving aid to the SDF in order to stop Turkish incursion into Syria.

'Turkey has angered some Arab States notably Egypt and the UAE with its support for the internationally-recognized Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA). Turkey has sent forces to fight against those of commander Khalifa Haftar whose Libyan National Army militia control much of Libya, especially in the east. The help to the Kurds can be seen as in part retaliation for Turkey's move.'

Putin's agitprop machine has also its English outlets (RT is most known one). So it is not hard to detect apparent bias in this case.
Russian internet site 'Russian Arms' reports about tests (in real combat operations) of high precision, lazer guided shells Krasnopol in Syria.
В Сирии испытано новое российское оружие
The shells 152mm (there are 155mm modifications) can be used with existing hovitzers - Soviet D-20 (1947) for example. Probability to hit target on distances up to 30km is 90%.
Further, much more recent reports, on the use of Krasnopol munitions in Syria.

'MOSCOW, (BM) – In December 2019, in the Syrian province of Idlib, during fierce battles between government forces and militants, Russian troops were also seen using extremely unusual weapons, learned according report by news agency Versia.

'Initially, the media reported that the old Soviet D-20 artillery systems were used against terrorists. However, as it became clear later on due to the photos appearing on the Web, the old guns were only to divert attention and the fire from them was fired by new Krasnopol guided projectiles, which could independently be aimed at a given target in flight. This type of weapon was originally developed in the late Soviet Union, but has been actively developed by Russian scientists. To date, it has not been used in real hostilities, and the operation in Syria has become a ‘real combat test’ for Krasnopol.

'Krasnopol got its special qualities due to a combination of two factors – the presence of aerodynamic rudders on the projectile and its own jet engine. Together, they allow the ammunition to change the trajectory of its movement directly in flight and literally “taxi” to the target indicated by the laser. Thanks to this, incredible accuracy is achieved – from 20 kilometers such a projectile can be “thrown” without problems, for example, into a specific window of a house or into a specific car. Another great advantage of Krasnopol is the compatibility of ammunition with both old artillery systems (the very D-20s) and newer ones (howitzers Msta-S, Msta-B). At the same time, the price of a Krasnopol shot is $ 35,000, which is significantly less than foreign counterparts, often worth more than $ 100,000.'


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