@YarS Comrade may I just add that you are full of absolute shit.

I'm sure someone will translate from Northern Irish to Russian for you.
U.N. Security Council delays vote on Syria ceasefire resolution
UNSC Resolution delayed until 1200 (1700 GMT) as Russia wanted some amendments to the Resolution e.g. from 'ceasefire to start after 72 hours' to 'ceasefire to start without delay':
Diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Moscow does not want to specify when a truce should start. It was not immediately clear how Russia would vote on Saturday. A resolution needs nine votes in favor and no vetoes by Russia, China, the United States, Britain and France to be adopted.

“We’re not going to give up. ... I hope that we will adopt something forceful, meaningful, impactful tomorrow,” Olof Skoog, Sweden’s U.N. ambassador, told reporters.
The civilians (400,000 estimated) don't want to move as has happened in other rebel transfers. Not much point in moving to Idlib to be honest if you're just delaying the inevitable. Sana obviously report that the rebels are using the same tactics as IS but that would mean thousands of rebels to actually control 400,000. 'Safe corridors' as per Aleppo leaflets have apparently been dropped:
Clouding any potential ceasefire is the Syrian government’s frequently used tactic of pushing rebels to surrender their strongholds after long sieges and military offensives.

Insurgents in eastern Ghouta have vowed not to accept such a fate, ruling out an evacuation of fighters, their families and other civilians of the kind that ended rebellions in Aleppo and Homs after heavy bombardment in earlier years.

“We refuse categorically any initiative that includes getting the residents out of their homes and moving them elsewhere,” Ghouta rebel factions wrote in a letter to the Security Council.

Eastern Ghouta has 400,000 people spread over a larger area than other enclaves the government has recaptured. Late on Thursday, government aircraft dropped leaflets urging civilians to depart and hand themselves over to the Syrian army, marking corridors through which they could leave safely.
Nikki is obviously unhappy and apparently Germany and France have made submissions to Russia to support the ceasefire:
The 24-hour delay followed a flurry of last-minute negotiations on the text drafted by Sweden and Kuwait after Russia, a veto-holding ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, proposed new amendments on Friday.

“Unbelievable that Russia is stalling a vote on a ceasefire allowing humanitarian access in Syria,” U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley posted on Twitter.

Talks have centered on the paragraph demanding a cessation of hostilities for 30 days to allow aid access and medical evacuations. A proposal for the truce to start 72 hours after the resolution’s adoption has been watered-down to instead demand it start “without delay” in a bid to win Russian support.
Even if implemented, it'll only be a question of time before it dissolves, by alleged attacks on UN aid convoys or some other crack in the pavement stepping on. 7 years on, many many unanaimous UNSC Resolutions. A flurry of vetoes by Russia ............


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Remember Shoot - Shot - Shot
As for F-35 then unlikely Washington would use such a ... remarkable aircraft not to undermine prospects to sell overpriced American garbage to allies and other idiots.
Unlike Russia, who just sells rubbish from the tractor factory at whatever price it can get....

Syria still has 30-40 old Soviet interceptors MiG-25 that fly faster than F-22
In a straight line, if properly maintained, downhill, with a tail wind. But of course getting somewhere quickly isn't the answer, it might just get the interceptors into trouble more quickly.

and with new long range AA missiles they could in theory down F-22.
In theory I could run a 6 minute mile, neither are likely. Tell us about Georgia in 2008, about an airforce so poorly trained and equipped, it ended up shooting down it's own aircraft. Which airforce was that?

I suspect that preparations to such a humiliating operation are ongoing full steam.
Would that be as humiliating as shooting down your own aircraft or having an aircraft shot down with rebels, and then the pilot popping himself on TV with a grenade? Good CSAR preparations, no wonder vodka consumption remains high...

Yourself and Comrade Yars can congratulate yourselves on being supreme members of the Gerasimov fan club, but even fake news has to have some measure of credibility.
If Russians are the ubermenschen that YarS claims them to be how come they have managed to fcuk up their own country on such an epic scale literally for centuries?
I blame the Vodka consumption.
You would think that a country with a lower GDP than Italy would wind it's neck in and look after it's own people instead of creating mayhem abroad.
List of countries by GDP (nominal) - Wikipedia
Nominal GDP and real military might, military capabilities are two of course connected but different matters.
Analysis: How the Russian military gets more bang for its buck than Britain
The head of the British Army, Gen Sir Nick Carter, has warned that Britain is struggling to keep up with Russian military advances as he makes the case for more money.
For two countries that spend similar sums on their defence budgets, the size and scale of the Russian and British military are strikingly different.
According to the latest figures from the International Institute of Strategic Studies, Russia’s defence budget was around $46.6bn in 2016 and Britain’s was around $52.5bn or £38.3bn.
Yet though Britain apparently spends more, Russia had 831,000 active members of the military compared to 152,000 in the UK and there is a vast difference in the volume of equipment.
Nominal GDP and real military might, military capabilities are two of course connected but different matters.
Analysis: How the Russian military gets more bang for its buck than Britain
The reason has more to do with nominal GDP being pretty useless as an indicator of wealth in many cases, as it doesn't take differences in cost of living into account. These differences can be huge. PPP GDP is a more realistic number. In the case of the latter, Russia has a PPP GDP comparable to that of Germany.
Window dressing; small numbers of upgraded capabilities; significantly lower equipment and personnel costs and a regime in which poliically and commercially RU MoD can move faster with indigenous projects.
As I understand this opinion is very popular in the West while serious experts have more sober point of view.
Russia Is Poised to Surprise the US in Battlefield Robotics
... in certain aspects of the field of unmanned military systems, Russia may be inching ahead of its competition in designing and testing a wide variety of systems and conceptualizing their future use.
Russia’s swift progress in unmanned systems suggest that the United States and its allies should prepare for battle against foes who can put U.S. forces at a disadvantage by inhibiting their operational capabilities.
Russia’s UAVs are generally smaller, simpler, and cheaper than their American counterparts, which frees the military to use them without worrying much about loss. As well, Russia has leveraged its capabilities in electronic warfare...
...the Russian military currently has unmanned systems clearing mines in Syria, starting with the Uran-6 and later adding smaller Scarab and Sphere...
And of course Russia works hard to implement Artificial Intellect (AI) based technologies in newly designed military hardware.
President Putin has said that the country that “leads in AI will get to rule the world,” while other Russian politicians say that the Russian military could soon use some form of AI to replace a human in battle.
At present, the Russians are hardly “ten feet tall” in their application of unmanned and autonomous systems... But Russia — and others — are catching up fast in important ways.


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Iran says attacks on 'terrorists' in Damascus suburbs to continue:...
A bit of confirmation on who is actually pulling the strings:
“We will adhere to the ceasefire resolution, Syria will also adhere. Parts of the suburbs of Damascus, which are held by the terrorists, are not covered by the ceasefire and clean-up (operations) will continue there,” the semi-official news agency Tasnim quoted Iran’s military chief of staff General Mohammad Baqeri as saying.
Whether the ‘areas controlled by IS. AQ and aNF’ reflect the truth on the ground remains to be seen:
“As the text (of the U.N. resolution) says, parts of the suburbs of Damascus, which are specifically controlled by the terrorists of the Nusra Front and other terrorist groups, are not subject to ceasefire,” Baqeri said, according to state news agency IRNA.
Bottom line will be when the aid convoys get in, if they are attacked and how long into ‘the ceasefire’ before somebody steps on the cracks in the pavement
The leader of the Syrian Kurds has been arrested in Prague at the request of Turkey.
Syrian Kurdish leader arrested in Prague
Syrian Kurdish leader Saleh Muslim was arrested in Prague at the behest of Turkey, the main Kurdish-led political coalition said on Sunday.
He is (or was?) the co-chair of the PYD party, who have a big hand in running the Kurdish region of northern Syria.
Muslim was the co-chair of the PYD party, the major component of the coalition that runs autonomous parts of north Syria.
The Kurds have condemned what they see as an "illegal act".
A statement from the TEV-DEM coalition, of which Muslim is a member, said Turkey had issued an arrest warrant for him and he was detained on Saturday. "We condemn this illegal act," it said.
It will be interesting to see how this affects the US's Kurdish based strategy in Syria, given that the Kurds are likely to notice that the Czechs are allies of the US.

This may be an appropriate time for Damascus and Moscow to make suitable overtures to the Kurds.


The reason has more to do with nominal GDP being pretty useless as an indicator of wealth in many cases, as it doesn't take differences in cost of living into account. These differences can be huge. PPP GDP is a more realistic number. In the case of the latter, Russia has a PPP GDP comparable to that of Germany.
As for me, natural values are even more realistic. Nukes, lands, jets, tanks, etc...

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