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Discussion in 'Syria, Mali, Libya, Middle East & North Africa' started by DesktopCommando, Aug 21, 2013.

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  1. Assad and everything this time really is true?

  2. The rebels and AQ inspired nutbags?

  3. It was sponsored by those men in black as part of a global conspiracy? (Free tinfoil)

  1. Syria: Hundreds Killed In 'Gas Attack'

    More than 200 people have been killed in an alleged chemical weapons attack near Damascus, say Sky News sources.

    Activists claim "toxic gas" was used by President Bashar al Assad's forces during a bombardment of rebel-held areas outside the Syrian capital.

    The government says the claims are "totally false" and the international news organisations reporting them are "implicated in the shedding of Syrian blood and support terrorism".

    Sky sources said at least 200 people were killed in the shelling in Zamalka and Ein Tarma, but could not verify whether chemical weapons were used.

    It comes three days after a 20-strong team of UN weapons inspectors arrived in Damascus to investigate whether chemical weapons have been used in the conflict.

    Mohammed Saeed, an activist in the area, said hundreds of dead and injured have been taken to six make-shift hospitals in the eastern suburbs of Damascus.

    "This is a massacre by chemical weapons," he said via Skype. "The visit by the UN team is a joke...Bashar is using the weapons and telling the world that he does not care."

    Opposition groups said government forces had fired "rockets with poisonous gas heads" in the attack.

    Videos posted on YouTube by activists show children being treated in make-shift hospitals. Some are having convulsions and have difficulty breathing. Others are not moving.

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    Well if the Army are, its stupid with inspectors there, and equally if the opposition are faking it.
  2. Meh...Syria is so two months ago. Egyptian atrocities - they're the new black this season darling.
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  3. Both countries need their heads banged together.

    Syria needs a severe bloody nose with that idiot Assad hanging from gallows!

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  4. Opposition faking it/making it? Never!

    Sorry just find it very hard to believe that Assad would be so stupid to do that with inspectors in Damascus. It was reported just the other day that the FSA have been equipped with D30s, god knows what other weapon platforms they've stolen, captured, bought and been given.

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  5. Why? As long as he's only killing his own people, it's not our problem. The same applies to Egypt.

    And the, "Gas Attack video" is about as legit as a Daily Mail story.:roll:
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  6. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    The talking head on the radio pointed out that the inspectors are there to investigate earlier allegations and have no mandate to investigate the new ones. In any event, they don't have the right to insist on access. And even if they did, Assad would just fake a firefight and say its too dangerous for them to be on site.

    I'm afraid the square root of fcuk all will happen because the Russians will block any meaningful action by the UN.

  7. UN weapon inspectors in country, chemical weapons alleged use = sounds like bollocks.
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  8. You mean 'Hostel' Isn't real?
  9. BREAKING NEWS - Emergency meeting held at the UN to discuss the global tragedy unfolding, atmospheric temperatures have increased on average by 2 degrees within the past 72hrs. The cause is believed to be the many bacofoil tin hats reflecting the solar energy back into the atmosphere, in conjunction with methane released from an unprecedented amount of bovine excrement the survival of mankind relies on all members of ARRSE to take a deep breath and swallow.

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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Religious nutters kill lots of other religious nutters for following very slightly different brand of religious nutterism.

    Here's hoping they wipe each other out completely by Christmas so we can get back to proper news like which member of X Factor is gay and which footballer has been banging prossies.
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  12. That's the problem, the news is gash and so is the entertainment TV; what's to watch?

    I demand a better escape than that reality TV shite which is on most of the ****ing time.
  13. The Middle East appears to be having an Atrocity-Off.

    So competitive!
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  14. 1,300? Lightweight!
    His Dad offed 30,000 just in Hama.

    Middle East tyrants just ain't what they used to be.
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