Syria Worrying Development

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geezer466, Mar 19, 2013.

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  1. Syria: regime accuses rebels of killing 25 in chemical weapons attack - Telegraph

    Each side blaming each other which is to be expected....

    Nations in the West have been known to saddle up for war for atrocities such as these......
  2. Nations in the West have saddled up for less than that, actually.

    So far we've got media reports quoting either a Syrian regime or opposition source, both claiming that each other have deployed chemical weapons.

    There is no evidence and the Youtube videos being uploaded today of chemical weapon casualties show people not displaying any of the symptoms of a chemical attack that you'll recognise from your MATT 4 lessons.

    What's it about? CBRN weapons have such a disproportionate psychological effect on people & governments that anyone who does use it will be discredited. Hence the accusations made today.

    I would say that I expected better from the BBC and other media outlets, but that wouldn't be true.
  3. I wondered how long it would be before the claims of WMD use (is 25 MD when a machine gun can rip far more than that to shreds far quicker?) hit the press.

    Queue handwringing liberals demanding intervention by us (when they mean somebody else wearing green or blue) to put a stop to the atrocities.

    One group of Syrians is trying to wrest power from another group of Syrians. Let 'em be.

    Have we learned nothing from our very recent catalogue of uppity-wog bashing failures????
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  4. Exactamundo.
  5. Great. I'll head over to that obscure corner of the site and catch up on 93 pages.

    Or, given that it's headline news, somebody could post it here and we can comment without dedicating 3 months of our lives to the task.
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  6. Careful with that common sense answer DD, some folk don't like it round here.
  7. Well, don't look at us. We're skint and we don't have the money or the manpower to rush to the aid of the Syrians. We had to cancel the deployment of the Truman Battle Group because Barry Soetaro's idea of cutting the budget by sequestration meant the Navy ran out of money...

    We just got out of Iraq FFS and we're trying to disengage ourselves from Afghanistan. (2014 hopefully) We have to keep our options open in case KIm Jong Il needs to be jap-slapped. He's getting too big for his boots. if you ask me.

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