Syria - what's happening there

Does anyone have an up to date appraisal as to what is what happening in Syria? I keep getting odd emails saying things like
All I am sure of is that there is a terrible thing happening in southern Syria and the world is hearing little about it and I want us all to spread the word

Syrian friends have used the word "blood bath" and I think this could likely be an understatement. Families can no longer contact their family members by phone or email. There is great concern here and it is well-founded.
and now this one

Yesterday, 17 more protesters were killed. The city of Daraa is surrounded by military and no one can leave. Electricity & phones are cut off. Students have been jailed - including girls - which means rape. I've only seen two articles on Yahoo. Are you hearing about this on the TV? PLEASE pass this on to other FB friends to get this information to the West.
Any help would be appreciated
people are upset....ah, sounds like the "UN" should go in and instigate a no fly zone that involves bombing all government military installations.
we deal with syria on a daily basis and so far its business as per normal but and that is a big but! there are things going on in the background !

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