Syria tried to fuel holy war in Iraq against US and Britain

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. [c]

    Is this the US paving the way for affirmative action over Syria?
  2. Unlikely. I think that mr.Bremer tries to find an excuse to his failure in Iraq.

    But what could they expect? Syrian call for 'full co-operation with liberators'? In this case mr.Bremer could be "stunned" no doubt.

    I have one little question: why mr.Bremer kept silence before?
  3. Why didn't Mr. Bremner mention this news before?

    Because he was too busy shafting everything else.

    That book should be entitled "My year in Iraq, how I made everything much, much worse trying to please my neo-con handlers , and ensure I got next lucrative employment after this debacle"
  4. From the Groaniad...

    Lizard :roll:
  5. I heard Mr. Bremer back-pedaling from that accusation on one of the radio talk shows here. Mr. Bremer is flogging his new book in such venues.

    He basically exonerated Mr. Rumsfeld and blamed lesser, faceless DoD bureaucrats. And he softened his criticisms considerably even as to them.
  6. Gutless Lizard :roll: