Syria Ready for Peace Talks With Israel

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Nov 7, 2006.

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    But at the Israeli Ministry of Hysteria

    God forbid you should take the chance seriously , America might as well , and where is all your money going to come from then?


    Jesus , it's just never ending, you hysterical bunch of old women.

    The last Israeli hero really was Rabin :(
  2. Can't see the Isreali's giving up The Golan Hieghts and without them can't see Syria agreeing to a final peace.
  3. Syria might as being the last Baathist state left surrounded by increasing Islamic militancy is not a comfortable position. But the US needs to shut the fcuk up about anything to do with Syria and Isreal must muzzle its hysterics.

    mmm tricky, and then the Golan - prehaps if Egypt or Turkey occupied them under a UN mandate?
  4. Egypt, I doubt would be acceptable, but Turkey is an idea, Maybe even Indonesia?

    Though Bangladesh might also be an option?
  5. Nigeria or Malaysia also.
  6. It's got to be a positive development. But the wise approach would be to counsel extreme caution to any nation that hopes to deal productively with a lunatic rogue state.

    When entering talks with a country capable of such an appalling record of intervention, extremist behaviour, and downright intransigence, Syria needs to tread extremely carefully.
  7. Nice one frog person.
    Strange basically agree.
  8. Well, it seems patently obvious that neo colonialist thinking still plays in the minds of some people!

    How about taking into consideration the hard facts on the ground maybe?

    The fact that Syria tinges its supposed overtures of peace with unreasonable preconditions whilst at the same time mobilising for war should give some very clear indicators to those who know the Arab street.

    A friend of mine called Arik serving in Battalion 51 of the Golani Brigade of the IDF has just come on leave from the Golan region and he told me that Syrian mobilisation, reinforcement and preparations for a confrontation on the Golan heights region are self evident with heightened surveillance activities on Mount Hermon.

    Clearly the comment “Syria might being the last Baathist state left surrounded by increasingly Islamic militancy is not a comfortable position” only serves to evidence the writers evident lack of knowledge of the situation. Syrian Baathist values dictate quite the opposite to what the writer supposes. In the face of supposed Islamic militancy Assad is more not less likely to demonstrate his power.

    Why should the US ‘shut the fcuk up’ about anything to do with Syria? Syria has very evidently entered into a pact with Iran, Syria is very evidently fuelling the insurgency in Iraq, Syria is very evidently seeking to destabilise the Lebanese Government and Syria remains one of the few Arab neighbours with Israel that declines to consider any form of a non aggression or peace agreement.

    Israeli hysterics? Just what the fcuk do you know about hysterics? Is it hysteria to seek to reside within secure internationally recognized borders? Is it hysteria when one or more of your neighbours consistently seek to form alliances designed for your annihilation?

    Had the State of Israel the same presence of mind as might prevail if this were the UK or the US, then they would have turned the full might of the IDF loose to effect a unilateral transfer of those seeking their demise far from Israel’s borders.

    Remember with sobering thought that in ‘Operation Grapes of Wrath’ Israel went all the way to Beirut, humiliated Arafat and his terrorist killer gangs and witnessed their passing into exile far from the immediate region.

    The return of Arafat and his killers to Samaria, Judea, Gaza and the Jordan Valley was effected precisely because Israel dared to believe peace was possible, how cruel reality can be sometimes!

    Don’t forget that in 1971 Britain’s best friend, King Hussein of Jordan, was confronted by Arafat and his killing machine in a coup determined to drive the dwarf Hashemite from power, he turned the full might of his forces against Arafat and his killers and forced them into exile – Yes Hussein exported terrorism and terrorists and dumped them in Lebanon’s lap.

    What clearly you do not understand is the level of critical importance Israel attaches to the Golan Heights region – the Golan Heights region carries to potential to witness another major bloody conflict if Syria seeks to attain this area – Israel is not willing to concede this vital area to Syria ever without a vicious bloody fight.

    You mention Egypt and Turkey. Naturally Egypt has a peace treaty with Israel but if you believe that anyone in Israel is deluded by this ‘meaningless scrap of paper’ then think again. The evidence is there that Egypt is busy arming and equipping for war. Egypt has repeatedly carried out manoeuvres in which it practices confronting a ‘theoretical’ enemy to its north. Israel knows that its not a case of ‘if’ but when.

    You have the temerity to suggest occupation of sovereign Israeli territory by Egypt or Turkey under a UN mandate – clearly its not Israeli hysterics that need muzzling but patronising and condescending ignorant critics.

    The Arabs have no time or respect for the United Nations or its mandates unless they serve their own purposes. Israel has had more than enough of UN mandates and resolutions throughout its history to last for thousands of years.

    The purity of what Balfour envisioned was polluted and distorted by UN meddling and mandates. The British have been seen first as saints and then as sinners in their duplicity in relation to Israel.

    I know, why not ask TCB to deploy British peacekeeping forces along Lebanon’s border with Northern Israel, and as a buffer on the Golan Heights, and as a buffer between Gaza and Israel, and as a buffer between Egypt and Southern Israel, and as a buffer between the West Bank and Israel, and as a buffer between Jordan and Israel – tricky maybe?

    Why is Israel considered expendable – because Israel does not have copious amounts of oil that’s why. But when your sounding off about what ought to be done about Israel, remember that you are talking about people that some of us share as dependable long term friends.

    Militants my arrse ? These are ruthless terrorist killers who’d slit you throat given the opportunity. There is no difference between the mindset and values of Al-Queda and Hamas and Hizbollah – to them we are all infidels, non believers or heretics and they are embarked up making their world caliphate a reality and we are all in the front line of this growing war!
  9. Gosh , hysteria far closer to home. Wipe the spittle off your monitor and answer this question. Who has the means and motive to seriously stop Israel continuing as a nation state?

    It's like Camp David never happened. No wonder a true Israeli Hero got whacked.
  10. Blimey! Where did that come from? Is that you Mora?
  11. Baathist Syria is a secular quasi fascist state - like some others in the region, like all Governments they wish to remain in power, radical Islam is a threat to this at home THUS it is in their interests to curb such extremism especially as now Hezbollah has defeated Israel in the field and is waxing strong as a political alternative.

    Anyway why are you at this keyboard why are you not manning a check point in Gaza? May be if you were all those Palestinian gunmen would not have escaped dressed as women :D or perhaps you could start building public air raid shelters for Arab Israeli Citizens.....or don't they fit the correct racial profile?