Syria mobilises (maybe)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rumpelstiltskin, Apr 3, 2008.

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    Probably nothing... amazing how one London newspaper report can create such a flurry of panicky speculation.
  2. Also, radio adverts on civil defence measures. Interesting times (again)!!
  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Would be a way of Syria deflecting current unrest with the rest of the Arab world if they attacked Israel.
  4. I doubt there will be any Arab World left if Syria attacks Israel.
  5. So it would have taken what, one phone-call to sort this out between themselves?
  6. I doubt that the IDF would be worried. They did manage to kick the be-jaysus out of three Arab (Syria, Jordan, Egypt) countries at once during the Six Day War.
  7. I work with a guy from Syria and he says it is rubbish...
  8. Yes but they got pasted last year by a bunch of terrorists who did manage to knock out several MBTs .

    If say Syria did kick of I think the boys in Gaza would try the back way at the same time- war on two fronts dodgy without resorting to Air and even shiney sand time?
  10. IMHO the tension up north is not an absolute prelude to war. On the flip side, both Peres and Olmert having spoken publicly in the last day hoped that it would all ease up. Certainly something going on / down by the fact that they mention it. Hopefully it will all pass, but as I mentioned previously there has been the odd radio ad for civil defence preparation and a Ynet article yesterday mentioned re-distribution on the cards for civilian NBC respirators etc.

    If it kicks off in the north, Hezb would try & take advantage in the south (, but there again so may the IDF with media attention fixed on the north).

    Vis a vis knocked out MBTs and Hezb, the AT kit was top end market and I dont recall the Mk IV Merks being knocked out, just III's. Also, Hezb (though tough fighters) never achieved in ground engagements. That is now (ancient) history, Hezb have re-armed and re-organised and the IDF has been working through it's doctrine since 2006.
  11. The worry would be Syria - Israel - Palestine kicking off, and the Iranians charging in the back door through Iraq. Turkey may also take the opportunity to attack the Kurds. This would leave the USA and the remaining coalition forces stuck in the middle.

    Any conflict in this powderkeg of an area could turn into a very very large scale war at the drop of a scud missile.

    Recession = Big war - maybe !

    Edited to add: I hope the "Powers that be" have thought of this scenario too. I'd hate to turn around and say I told ya so !