Syria - Day After Report promulgated


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This came across the desk and I am providing it for your use or not as you see fit. I have no stake in the document except for an interest in seeing what other people are thinking might be an outcome. I have my doubts as to the likelihood of its implementation. Crayons are on the sideboard.

Quoted from the group:

"The Day After project brought together a group of Syrians representing a large spectrum of the Syrian opposition—including senior representatives of the Syrian National Council (SNC), members of the Local Coordination Committees in Syria (LCC), and unaffiliated opposition figures from inside Syria and the Diaspora representing all major political trends and components of Syrian society—to participate in an independent transition planning process.

During the period from January to June 2012, this group of approximately 45 Syrian participants, supported by leading international experts in transition planning, convened six times to develop a shared vision of Syria’s democratic future, define goals and principles of a transition, and to prepare a detailed yet flexible transition planning document. Participants met in plenary as well as intensive working group sessions. While each of the six working groups focused on the specific challenges in the respective policy field, all of the groups were guided by a shared commitment to clearly defined goals and principles."

The Day After Project | United States Institute of Peace


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Very nice, but doesn't factor in the Kalashnikov assault rifle...
My thoughts as well.
Its very likely that things have progressed too far down the road for the implementation of this transition document.

The people who agreed to take part in the plan's formulation are interesting. It would appear that some quit the Syrian National Council after it was perceived to shift direction and policy under MB and Salafi involvement. The final transition will not have much in common with this document, which is too bad.

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