Synchronized toilet flushing

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fireplace, Sep 23, 2012.

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  1. A few Thunder flashes down the pan should do the trick, whilst also creating a hefty backblast, 1 million zim's instantly skiffed. Not a bad days work.
  2. Will have to phone the parents to let them know as they probably don't have electric to hear about it on the news!
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  3. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Used to be a regular feature in Umtali in the 1970's...
  4. An ex-RAMC bod (a Pharmacist called Cox) told me a great story told to my by about Catterick and it's sewage system.

    Back some time in the 40's or 50's sewage stopped passing through the main 6 foot sewer which led to the incinerator which burnt the sewage. (Once it got going the gases it released were piped back in and burnt, making the whole process very efficient).

    On inspection it was found that a solid wall of old dressings bandages and whatnot had built up to completely block the sewer - apparently the down-stream side of the wall was completely dry.

    It was decided to put fire hoses down there to blast the wall away, which it did successfully. Unfortunately no-one had told the bloke whose sole job was to open a by-pass gate to let the sewage go straight in to the river if there was a storm. He had conniptions when this shit-tsunami thundered down on him.

    As an aside, the incinerator was hot enough to germinate but not destroy tomato seeds present in the human effluvia, and the ash resulting from the burnt shit made fine fertiliser, so someone at the incinerator had a fine side-line in growing and selling tomatoes.
  5. So the original story is nothing to do with Zimbabwe having gone down the crapper (no pun intended) under Uncle Bob's benevolent and not corrupt in the slightest reign then?
  6. Don't want to be too serious on Sunday morning Arrse, but I don't think you would get enough velocity for a good scour. You might build up enough head behind small blockages to push them further downstram, but this would only create bigger blockages at some point.
  7. If it doen't clear the blockage the first poor bugger upstream of it is in for a shitty day......

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  8. Talking from from won't work. You'll just end up with a bill for £700, banned from a nightclub, and 18 days jail.
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  9. Was pokey for knacking a crapper, or lifting a thunderflash?
  10. Some horrible scrote threw a thunder flash into the bogs at Glastunbury 1985. Can you account for your movements on that day cos it certainly helped my movement
  11. Can we presume there were "movements" all about the venue?
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  12. I think I found your boots.
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