Synchronised Drowning...

A complete and utter waste of time. They should have something interesting like cup stacking.
When you consider they ditched a number of of older Olympic events like X-Country Run,and Cyclo-Cross,and also wanted to ditch Fencing,this sort of dross,belongs with Baton Twirling,and Kazoo playing Marching Bands.............................................well away from the Olympics! :crazy:
Look, it helps the poor little things feel like they're getting involved. It's really rather sweet that they think it's a real sport.
Out of all the events sychronized pretty people in the pool has to be the one that carries that whole 1936 Nazi propoganda film thing on into the modern day.
Seriously, WTF is that nonsense doing in the Olympics as a'sport'?

Underwater Morris Dancing
Hi pal!
Synchronized Swimming became an Olympic Sport in 1984 at the same time as RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS.

But can I recommend the medal winners for the new OLYMPIC SPORT OF BULLSHITTING!

1st Place and winner of the GOLD MEDAL - the Deputy Assistant President of the United States of America Mr TONY BLAIR.

2nd Place and winner of the SILVER MEDAL - MR DAVID CAMERON

3rd place and winner of the BRONZE MEDAL - MR NICK CLEGG
Whoa what's all this? In case you didn't notice synchronized swimming has loads of women in swimsuits cavorting about with legs open and all sorts. Tis one of the few sports that should be in the Olympics, along with whatever else wenches do in skimpy clothing, like beach volleyball.

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