Symposium on Military Rehabilitation 16th May 2013


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We have been approached by the people below to put up information on the symposium that they are organising and the COs are very happy that we do so. Please see the details below

Symposium on Military Rehabilitation: 16[SUP]th[/SUP] May 2013 at University of East Anglia, Norwich
'The Road to Recovery' - the journey from combat injury to participation.

Rebuilding an active and meaningful life following injury in combat is a complex and multifaceted process involving many challenges along the way.

Inspired by the extraordinary achievements of Race2Recovery ( this symposium will bring together injured service personnel, their families and the services that support them to explore the partnerships and activities that help everyone to move on and get the most out of life.

Presentations are welcomed from:

Ø Injured military personnel who have found ways to overcome psychological or physical trauma

Ø People or organisations providing services to injured military personnel that facilitate participation

Ø Family members who have found ways of coping with the challenges of living with a relative who is injured and/or supporting others

Ø Students who have worked on dissertations relevant to exploring the challenges of participation​

The book of the Race2Recovery journey; ‘Beyond Injury, achieving the extraordinary’ will be available for sale along with other relevant titles.

If you are interested in being involved and/or presenting your work and research please contact:

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