Symonds nails a streaker!

Having sat through the beginning of the end of Australia's domination of world cricket last night, I enjoyed another bit of good news.

Andrew "Roy" Symonds (who some believe was actually contemplating playing for England once upon a time) absolutely leathered a streaker!

Fair play to the bloke too - no assault charges have been brought against Symo. The streaker bloke thinks it was all a laugh! Good lad. No doubt some media type will pay his fine for an "exclusive"!


why couldnt it have been a woman... damn ! :)
Latest is that Symonds may get done for assault.
Mega comment by Richie Benaud:

"Symonds was a bit unlucky, he went the wrong way". I wonder if that can be used in court.

More shocking though was the score - 3/34.
He's not pressing charges because Symonds is the kind of nutter to climb through his window with the bat and finish the job off.

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