Symbolic Gestures & General Greif Whoring

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sebcoe, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. Just reading about April Jones, and last night chinese lanterns were realeased into the Sky in her memory, Well wishers lit candles etc.

    Personally I feel for Aprils parents, having my own children brings certain things home, but are these symbolic gestures necessary ? I think its a load of ol shite, when did lighting candles do any good apart from when there is power cut!

    Chinese lanterns for fuck sake its Wales not the fucking orient.....on sky news on Sunday there was a big presesion through the town, I wonder how many people were there but had no conection with the town or the family.

    Big church parade.....! over a thousand people in where was God/Allah when April was abducted me this is all bollocks....why do Greif Whores think its the thing to do!!

    Thank fuck this didnt happen in Liverpool!
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  2. The media coverage is sickening too. Just leave the poor family alone FFS.
  3. I prefer the hysterical rabble that infest society when they're mourning someone they never met, to when they're howling for blood or demanding the passing of laws that already exist.
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  4. err have they found a body yet?
  5. It's been happening for years, remember the scenes at Wootten Bassett?
  6. Thats my thoughts!!
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  7. I think it started with the people's Princess.
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  8. That line is crossed very easily, I remember when the Bulger Killers went on trial and watching Adults wanting to harm those kids is beyond me!
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  9. Jarrod, you can be the peoples Queen....glitter an all!!XX
  10. The problem is a lot of people live in their little bubbles, and the only contact they have to the "bad" things in this world is when they see it on the news.

    Iraq or Afghanistan are too far away, but Wales is just a couple of hours down the motorway.
  11. Don't bother will flowers just get me cigs and cider.
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  12. My own personal favourite is when the hue and cry about 'devil dogs' led to the passing of the Dangerous Dogs Act, notoriously the worst-drafted law in history and which left society less, rather than more, protected from savage dogs.
  13. And they can complain from the sofa, no doubt nobody managed to turn Jeremy Kyle off.
  14. I agree, but soldiers represent the UK, they are our protectors, they do what most people would not, and that's respected!