Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by booty_cadet, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. Anyone know somewhere to get a cheap sylvet from? And not a copy.
  2. The NAAFI / Spar shop on most camps. I'll expect you'll have to find a soldier to go in and buy one for you - civvy.
  3. I'm only a civvie because I'm not old enough to join yet.
  4. The SPAR at RAF Cranwell is outside the wire, are you anywhere near Lincolnshire? :roll:

    A few army surplus shops I frequented as a space cadet stocked them as well.
  5. I've seen it on the shelves in Waitrose.
  6. Waitrose, cheers.
  7. The one at Pirbright is too, if you're anywhere near there, b_c.
  8. The new sylvets are crap, they're not sewed around th edges any more and frey quite badly. Another decent cloth like the sylvet is the ones used to clean aircraft canopies, people like the AAC use them as do the RAF, getting hold of them is a little trickier.
  9. I may actually be able to get hold of one of them. I know an aircraft mechanic (or something like that) in the RAF.
  10. We always used to use the cloths issued for cleaning MILAN lenses!!
  11. Ahh...well I can't get them. lol
  12. Sorry to resurrect an old thread. Should I was this cloth a few times before using it, or does this only apply when using a yellow duster?
    Thanks ARRSE
  13. Virgin fresh will suffice, a wash after a while won't do it any harm either.
  14. When I last had to break a sylvet in I started off by shaving it to try and get rid of all the fluff, I then chucked it in the washing machine. Though I always make sure it gets a good soak and scrub with shower gel and hot water every time I use it.
  15. Ok thanks guys let's hope I'm not totally shut at everything