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Discussion in 'ACF' started by papegojan, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. Quick question. I am trying to sort out a training qrogram for my detachment. I know that it is possible to acquire a manual online, but can you do the same with the syllabus? cut and paste is a lot easier than trying to type in stuff from a book. :D Also, I want to set up "rolling modules" to ensure that the syllabus is covered in time for APC testing boards. Has anyone else done this and, if so, how effective did they find it? Thanks
  2. PM me your Email address and I'll send you the Excel version of hte Syllabus i have
  3. yeah i run my training programme on a module basis, the only thing i would warn you of is that the little darlings don't take to kindly to a full month of map and compass :D
  4. Thanks for the offer, but I'm doing my house up, and can only afford to use microsoft works at the mo, but thanks anyway.

    Edited for BAAD spelling :D
  5. There are other ways to get Microsoft programs.. "Free versions", that are legal, ofcourse
  6. As an alternative to buying the software do free file conversions so you could probably change the excel file to one you can actually use.

    They have a 100mb limit on file size, I use them quite often and haven't had a problem.
  7. Thanks for the help and advice everyone. Have just had an instructor transfer to my detachment, and He's got it on disk, which makes life easier. Thanks again though