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Discussion in 'OTC' started by walting_matilda, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. Lads,

    Got a chap with us who thinks he is all that. Found out he is UOTC in the first year.

    So what is the syllabus for UOTC from year one to year three and what qualifications can you get?
  2. Wiki is your friend.

    [h=3]Year one[/h] Basic military training: This year involves basic military drill, individual skills and fieldcraft in an abbreviated version of the syllabus undertaken by TA recruits. Cadets are introduced to a range of basic military techniques, including map reading, camouflage, first aid, weapons training, radio procedure and fieldcraft. Procedures such as how to establish an overnight patrol base and how to fire & manoeuvre effectively as part of a team are also covered.

    from Officers' Training Corps - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Prey tell his 'all that' stories...
  3. Year 1 in the OTC basically covers recruit training type stuff, as above. If he's "First Year" he only joined in Sept/Oct - I'd be amazed if he's got much more than 10 days service under his belt.
  4. I'm not much more up to date than wiki but as I recall it:

    Year 1 MDLP1 which was essentially CMSR(TA) less CBRN

    Year 2 MDLP 2 - equivalent to TACC Mod 2 (which is 2 weekend and 9 days for TA OCdts at RTCs)

    Year 3 Lording it over the year 1 and 2 students.

    Google throws up this:

    Training - British Army Website
  5. Drinking and Shagging. If you are not doing either of those incessantly you have something very, very wrong.
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  6. So basically a 3* Cadet will be all over him.
  7. Probably, but the OTC guy won't care as he's getting paid most likely.

    Just tell him to wind his neck in, with time hopefully he'll mature and may turn into something useful for you
  8. Don't OTCers with the ACF get used for pan bashing, stags and other menial labour?
  9. Well, as unlikely as it seems, he is a member of the armed forces, rather than a MoD sponsored youth movement. (Not ACF bashing.. but it is one difference between the cadets and the UOTC).
  10. Important differece from the rest of the Army.
  11. Term 1. Drinking, playing soggy biscuit, cutting about in a uniform that gets thrown in a heap on the floor of his/her miserably damp student digs.
  12. You know the ACF Officers are actual Commissioned (yet also non-deployable) members of the armed forces don't you? And in fact, the non-commissioned are too, really, as they are paid and what not y the Armed Forces...

    I mean in effect the OTC is just an MoD sponsored Uni Club full of students who want to pad out their CVs with cheap booze and some pretty good leadership and management training... and the odd bod who will actually get to the end of their time with the OTC and join up.
  13. Very rare apparently see:

    Members of CUOTC leave Cambridge to civilian careers (90%) or as high-achieving officers mainly in the Regular Army (8%) but also the TA (2%).

    Social - British Army Website
  14. I'd like to know if those percentages were from all those who joined in their first year of uni, or those that went through all three years. From my OTC (Exeter), about 40% of those who were there in the third year ende up joining.
  15. That must be a wah.

    Ps, they aren't non commissioned anything; they're instructors; cadet force adult volunteers. But you knew that ;) and there's nothing wrong with giving up your time to try and do some good for the kids.

    True, nothing wrong with that. And as for the odd bod (although it's slightly more than the 'odd bod' in reality), that's where the OTC review comes in! To try and prod people in the "right direction", to gain more end product (TA wise)