Sy Cse / Pr2,MoR questions

Apologies now for the following long winded message, but, I'd like some advice on a couple of things before I commit to using my ELC/Resettlement.

I've already sent a query to ARC in regard to the CPP cse on offer as I am looking into the Sy consultancy career when I finally leave the service next year, or sooner if I get a good offer. Is the cse any good and to that fact ARC?

I'm also about to commit myself to the Prince2/MoR cse at the BMC as it appeals to me and I believe it'd add weight to my CV along with my background. I will also be adding Nebosh and a Maritime Sy qual to it in the near future as well.

I'm looking at moving into the Project management or consultancy field when I finish, overseas contracts appeal especially in W Africa as I am currently close to finishing my 4 year tour in this area and don't want to lose or waste the experience that can only be gained by being here. Rotational work is more of a preference as I've been away from the good old UK since 1998 and I do like getting back for leave etc.

I'm also interested and looking at maritime/off shore work as the Gulf of Guinea will pick up a lot more over the coming few years. Does anyone have any pointers to any type of qual I could gain that would stand me in good stead?

Thanks in advance.

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