Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by booty_cadet, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. Whats swynnerton like? I've got a camp there in about a week and my instructors haven't been there before so I can't get any information out of them. And whats the NAAFI like there?
  2. erm dunno if your staying in buildings
    outside its flat...mostlly devoid of tress.....bloody hard to put up bashas in parts
    ******* cold
    absolutely freezing
  3. Flat is good! No running up hills! No trees though....its bergan bashas for us then :(
  4. In a nutshell: Shite
    ill agree with above posts, flat and yes for some reason whenever ive gone its bloody cold.
    NAAFI hahaha....................no really.
    Accomodation: Big building/rabbit warren
    Training areas got loads of bunkers etc........cant go near them though they'll fall over.
    Mind out for the top brass and rich folk going shooting. Garunteed to balls up any ex when they arrive. Always seem to turn up when were there.
    Got an assualt cour no sorry confidence course and a combat trail which is nice........
    night exes are poo as the lights from the freight depot next door manage to light up most of the area.
    If your lucky though you may get the local jail bait girlies cooking for you..............seriously theres a prison down t'road
    Happy days.
    have fun :)
  5. Didn't quite understand that. Can someone explain it for me?
  6. There's a possibility that you'll be staying in a bunker. Basically a big room with a few smaller rooms. No ventilation. Too hot. Hope that you'll be staying somewhere else.

    Google Swynnerton. You can find out the history of the place, get OS maps of various dates and plans of one of the bunkers (though not the one that's available for accommodation).
  7. Thanks everyone. I'm off to google but please keep replying.
  8. Oh, and the lights in the big room in the bunker are operated by infra red switch. During the evening, somebody has to move about to keep the lights on. At night, everybody wakes up when the lights come on whenever someone goes to the toilet.

  9. *sigh* the memories
    and dont fotget the sh1t smell from isn't it a beer making factory?(i wish i could remeber the posh making name for this)
    its shit, but im sure you tough cadets will cope :)
  10. the area is always overbooked so you will be falling over other units, and will end up having harbour areas attacked. Last time I was there I was bitten to sh1t. navigation painfully easy. basically iy is a tennis court covered in air raid shelters.
  11. Ahh Swynnerton ... its a hole 8O , the food is aweful and the Naafi is non existent.

    Yes there is a female prison just down the road and go a little further than that on to the local town. At least there you can get a decent pint, food, fight and reasonably attractive women :lol:

    Find out for yourself and enjoy!
  12. The local pub is about a 2 mile trek, and i wouldnt even say its worth it!! Camp is gash, no naafi, cookhouse leaves alot to be desired! and the accomodation is nasty to say the least. 30 man rooms. mmmmmmmmmmmm no more for me chef, im full!!
  13. Us posh people call them breweries.
  14. Swynnerton was ace back in 1991 when you could go in all the old bunkers, but now, its about the worst camp ever.

    Only place i can think of that are worse are St Martins Plain and Nesscliffe.