Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by cdt_parker, Mar 18, 2006.

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  1. hey, i was just wondering if anyones going here on the 7th to 9th april and if anyone has been before what do you do there as its my first camp with acf and just wanted a little bit of info on it

  2. As long as you're not in "Bunker 9" you'll be fine.

    Watch out for the peacocks though
  3. what a strange question......
  4. It does not adhere to any meteorologists predictions (weather blokes) It does what the feck it likes so take warm kit.
    Oh yeah as stated before beware bunker nine.
  5. Ah memories.
    Going off thread slightly. I heard rumour of an underground hospital there. Am I just being analy retentive? Anyone shed any light on this?
  6. Did an ex there a few weeks ago and caught no sight of a hospital, but I've also heard that one. Really eerie place though.

    Looks like the set from a post-apocolyptic B-movie.
  7. Spend as little time as possible inside: is constantly cold and the buildings are like fridges. last time i was there it was -2 outside and -5 inside so Enjoy!
  8. Ill agree with that one.
    Duty rumour spreader/mong reported that the entrance to it was at the bottom of a long flight of stairs south of the area if my memory serves correct. Probably a bunch of arrse.
  9. [​IMG]

    home sweet home!

    When we were last there, something went wrong with the sewage system and (literally) shit began to come out of the showers!!!

    Of course I wasn't bothered since I was the main camp getting drunk :lol: :lol: but apparently the lot in the bunker didn't find it quite so amusing
  10. I think the underground bunkers are bigger than the surface training area!
  11. That place looks f ucking awful. I'd rather sleep outside, don't care how cold or wet it is!
  12. It looked pretty good in December when everyone else was freezing to death outside! the curry we knocked up in the Kitchen went down well.
  13. First time I was there my half of my company got food poisoning. Last time the food seemed to be better.
  14. looks like an absolute sh*thole to be honest. bring on leek any time!! www