Swynnerton Royal Ordnance Factory

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by ging-gwar, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. Many Regulars/TA/Cadets on here have more than likely spent a little time on this training camp in Staffordshire. A quite unqiue training area having once been a Royal Ordnance Factory during WW2.

    Having Spent a bit of time on that area I have developed an interest in info on what the place looked like during the war years.

    To date I have found next to nothing, A Research Group Toured the old Regional Seat of Government housed in one of the old munitions bunkers but thats it! http://www.subbrit.org.uk/rsg/sites/s/swynnerton/index.html

    Anybody out there could point me in the right direction or have any info themselves?
  2. i go their quite alot with the TA i know that its all under ground and it had an extencive rail network which we see all the time accross the road going into variouse bunkers and off into wooded areas. i would really like to know what it looked like pre 1970's, thats when i know they pulled up most rail network. its all roads now, very boreing.! :!:
  3. I went to Swynnerton eons ago! Remember there used to be one of the very first Cheiftans parked up as scrap near the main gate. Is it still there?

    (Have an old photo of me and me mucker next to it with yours truly wearing a QOHldrs TOS for some obscure reason 8O ).
  4. living in staffordshire our ccf regularly goes to swynnerton, My gran also worked there during the war and she remembered lots about it, (sadly she passed away in the summer) so I can get any more information, I'd love to find some records and try and find something out about the place, she worked as a foreman (woman). looking at that subbrit website I really want to know where that bunker is :D

  5. Hasn`t been there since at least 1995, got a Humber pig and an old 432 on the car park , when they`re not being dragged out of the recovery area
  6. if you pm me i can point in a direction that may help you
  7. I was at Swynnerton recently as an observe4r to Exercise Western Approaches. The thing that sticks out is the fact that once inside the gates all vehicles drive on the LH side of the road and they have an excellent street type range.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    And some very smart looking Fusilier cadets.

  9. A bit dangerous? It's used for European driver training i.e. RH side.

    A bit more info, but no piccies:
  10. msr

    msr LE

  11. There was definitely a derelict chieftain on the area in 1989/1990 because I stalked it with a Charlie G. The DS set off a thunderflash; declared "missed" and the "enemy" on the chieftain opened up with a GPMG while we did our reload drills. Oh and my yeti gaiters fell off!

    This was well in the training area, not on the gate.

    The old rail connection was to the West Coast mainline. Google map to see it.
  12. "Dangerous Energy: The Archaeology of Gunpowder and Military Explosives Manufacture" (have a look for it on Amazon, priced from £29.50) is a book I had a number of flick throughs on idle days during the summer, and might be a good starting point. I might be able to have a look at it tomorrow and post details of what I find.
    It's written, I believe, by a guy from English Heritage. Plenty of photos of explosives factories. Many of the WW2 era ones are aerial photos if I recall correctly.
  13. Found only one photo, taken from the air, in the book I mentioned. It's of the test ranges at Swynnerton.
  14. i used to live in cold meece right next to the camp and i remember finding bits of the old train track that workers used to travel on, my old next door neighbour also used to work there and told me all about it