Swynnerton last weekend

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by PartTimePongo, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone have any pics/video?
  2. Why what happened? I was there the weekend before in the "UN Base"- that building is like a fcuking 'Fridge
  3. Just a weekend exercise, but lots of people were running round with cameras, was looking for pics for the Coy scrapbook
  4. Ahh O.K. then. Hope you find some.
  5. Which one every building on that camp is a fecking fridge!
  6. UN Compound place, big building tin roof. Gate and guard box on it that looks like it's been shot a few times (hopefully mocked). Didn't think it was too bad myself but it was summer time when last there.
  7. Living in the bunker isn't too bad
  8. Swynnerton is a fun training area, but it is clay based and clay is a bastard to get off your combats!
  9. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Ha, the two times i've gone on ex there (rather than weekend training) it's either snowed, then rained - or blizzarded! Great training...!
  10. North West of the area- marked on maps as U.N. base :wink:
    The other buildings aren't too bad, but theres something in paticular about that one....

  11. Are you fcuking deluded or what! it's full of Bramble bushes which is a cnut and I really wouldnt want to go digging round there! BTW the indoor NI range is ace
  12. I thought most of the buildings - includking the NI range where condemned about 7 years ago due to concrete cancer. NI range was good - especially if you count your rounds and know that you must put two in each target :)
  13. We have been working there for a while now demolishing various unsafe buildings etc. Putting in roads/paths on the training area and excavating other areas within the camp. I hope the buildings being used are the ones which are deemed "safe" as some of them don't take much force to knock them down and some even want to take themselves down 8O

  14. Ah, the UN base. I'm surprised no one has yet mentioned the massive refridgeration plant that is attached to the building. They only turn it on at night, and it sounds just like a noisy snoring b-strd.
  15. Was it you that stood on the girl?