Swore my oath!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by tangl1, Aug 17, 2009.

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  1. Finally after trying to get in since july 06 (held back cos of athsma) i have now swore my oath and am off to basic 2 weeks 2day! =D Think i got everything i neeed so excited though, anyone joinin end of august? i'm off to pirbright then to larkhill as i'm gonna be a gunner then do sum sneaky beaky sh*t with sum UAVs!
  2. Congratulations & good luck!

    Since I made the decision to join, it will most likely be 2 years before I get where I want to be.
  3. Nice one tangl1!!!! good luck with basic and let us all know how you get on (if you have time ;) )
  4. Congrats on that. I hope you had a memorable day. Best of luck for the future.
  5. Cheers all! will try n get on here as much as i can tell u how its goin, will be tough but well worth it in the end :) my aim is to try n do helicopter training after 4 years or so and failing that maybe applying for special observer anyone know what either are like first hand or second? i always looked toward the sas but thts way too far ahead to think about and i know special observers give quite an insight into what it would be like. but atm i am jus a nieve civvy wantin his glory ^^
  6. i start september the 7th also doin uav
  7. nice! only a week behind me! you got an msn mate?
  8. i sent u private message
  9. Good luck mate some of my best memories are of pirbright and larkhill :D

    nice one fella :)
  10. Well done mate, got mine tomorow, cannot wait!!
  11. i did my oath on 17th aug i start on 31 aug in pirbright
  12. I swore my oath today, thats it now no turning back :) only 4 days til i start pirbright on monday :D
  13. Likewise, just did mine... except i have to wait another month before i start training :cry:
  14. Congrats mate, at least have a bit more time to let it sink in. It still hasnt snapped to me that in 4 days ill be slipping on my green kit and getting very muddy lol :D
  15. Good luck mate. The drill square is fcukin massive, I remember my troop sergeant shouting "Baker, if you don't shut your mouth i'll come over there and shove my c*ck in it"
    Great memories.