Discussion in 'Sappers' started by muhandis89, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. The recent D Day Landing Ceremony reminds me how much Swordsman and his pals went through.I salute you Sir!
  2. Cant agree more, thank you for all of the sacrifices that you have all made Swordman :salut:
  3. every generation since is indebted to the likes of swordman & his colleagues.
  4. I spent a thoroughly pleasant weekend in Normandy this past weekend. The Vets where treated like royalty and it was good to see young uns taking the time to get to the beaches and find out more about it.
  5. Great news Holdfast.It's such a pity that our Colonel in Chief was not there.
  6. Holdfast was one of the vets.
  7. Where is Swordsman, not been seen for a while? Is he still ok?
  8. He PM'd me last week and was in fine form then. I had written him suggesting his memoirs would be a great book. Also to thank him for keeping the world a better place.
  9. Good news that Swordsman is still about.
  10. Thanks Friends. I am fine,and hope you are all too. Just got a new wheelchair...So if something goes Zooming by... beware it may be me ...BRmmm BRmmm...
    Just for interest, this Saturday the Vice President of the Le Manche Countty Council in Normandy, is coming to my home at 11am to present me with a "Medal bar" With the local press. Look out lads and lasses! I am famous.

    Actually I think it is a 65 anniversary medal bar. The real award that I won I am still waiting for.
    So if any one come to my home...NO need to salute me...Big Grin! I would fall about laughing..
  11. Or just topple over in the wheel chair. :wink: (To much calvados?)

    Does it have a NVA flag flying from it? :D
  12. We are all VERY happy to hear that you are well,Swordsman. UBIQUE
  13. Swordman, sorry if i've missed it elsewhere, but what about a daily snipped from your diary/memory of 60yrs ago, starting maybe in June… ?