Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Quinn, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone recommend a good place to buy, or get advice on swords. This isn't for me, but a civvie mate of my parents who wants advice on swords for his masonic lodge (!). (Don't ask - I though the Mason's just existed in Dan Brown books).

  2. Crisp and Sons only do military swords, so I suppose he could try Pooley Swords or WKC.

    On the other hand, I have had non-military swords made up by Rob Miller in Skye (www.castlekeep.co.uk) - absolutely excellent, hand made etc.

    Edited to add - WKC actually do a Masonic range: http://www.wkc-solingen.de/newshop/indexmasonic.html
  3. Thanks, as ever, for the rapid response!!

    That seems like a good place to start. Hopefully that will get 0A higher off my back for 5 minutes!
  4. As a ex (although once a free mason then always a freemason) Most lodges only have one sword wearer
  5. I always thought masons carried a sharpened trowel (chromed, of course) in a highly polished, leather trowel-scabbard. Ya live an' learn!

  6. Not that I have any knowledge of things Masonic....

    If it is a military Lodge, generally they use a military pattern sword for the one "sword wearer". A lot of these have been donated.

    I'm afraid that I've never noticed what non-military lodges use.

    I'm sure I could find out more if I bothered my arrse and asked around...

    Sincerely and Fraternally,


    P.S. k13eod, a lot of Masons like to think that the order descends from the Knights Templar. It's a nice story but that's all as far as I'm concerned. And Dan Brown's writing is, to quote Stephen Fry, a load of arrse gravy.
  7. My Lodge coats the edges of the trowel with an undetectable poison developed for us by Mossad.

    Yasser Arafat- healthy as a horse one week, stone dead the next.

  8. As a member of a Lodge that meets at Grand Lodge; tell your man to call them; they have a shop on the first floor.

    There are also a great many Masonic shops on Great Queen Street where Grand Lodge is located.

    Just a bit of Masonic trivia for you... the building used in the filming of "Spooks" is Grand Lodge in Great Queen Street, London. And... Most Regiments had a number of Lodges with Lodge meetings even being carried out in the WW1 trenches and POW camps :)
  9. The museum on the first floor of GQS also has regalia made from shrapnel collected around (I think) Changi POW camp.