Swords on Easyjet Flights

Discussion in 'Officers' started by snowed_under, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. I'm attending a wedding as guard of honour this weekend and was wondering if anyone knows what Easyjet's policy is for bringing a sword on a domestic flight? I've tried both their website and customer care number to no avail.

    I've scoured the swords sticky and the search function for info without any luck too.

    Do I need to check it in at the desk? Pay for it as an extra piece of luggage? I can't imagine the security / x-ray area being too chuffed to see me carting it along.
  2. I'm no expert but you might be able to transport it as hold luggage in a manner similar to shotguns, locked in an airline approved case etc. You might be able to try and get a number for the airport police or security... Lockable cases are only 30 to 50 quid or so.

  3. I would imagine that you have, quite literally, more chance of getting shot than taking it on as hand luggage. I can't see why you shouldn't be able to send it on in your hand luggage, and i would have thought that they fit in the big black grips we get issued.

    If you haven't already try looking here
  4. Cow

    Cow LE

    easyJet.com policy

    Same as any blade you have to check it into the hold. I'd call them and print out their policy so if they try to turn you away you can attemp to fight your corner.
  5. As long as you check it into the hold luggage you are fine:

    8 x swords to the S of France are testimony to that. No one had any issues. People used various methods of protection. Map tube with bubble wrap and/or towel seemed to be the favored combo...

    hope this helps...
  6. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    There was a thread on this subject previously, although it seems to have fallen foul of the 'no search items returned outside of a set timescale' problem with the search function, which would be why you couldn't find it.

    Actually, it may have been about Ryanair.

    Digression aside, from memory, several members had had no problems with checking swords into the hold.
  7. Fly with a proper airline you cheapskate! :)
  8. As someone who works at an airport, I can assure you proper airlines still treat you like shit and regularly lose your bags (BA 10% of all baggage handled!)

    Easyjet is a proper airline. Monarch, are much better and not much more expensive too, if a bit 'Asda of the Skies'

    Put it in a proper case and don't tell anyone what it is unless asked. Otherwise the baggage handlers will be waving it about Zorro stylee behind the check in desks and when you get it back they will have skewered a ham sandwich on it!
  9. Just whatever you do, don't fly it with Cheyenne (Ryan Air) - motto never mind the cowboys, here's the real indians.....
  10. No idea on cost, but flown with Monarch several times as MOD chartered flights and always been good service and staff were always good with the troops.
  11. Hire the Sultan of Brunei's VIP protection team to escort it across on a privately chartered jet. It will work out slightly cheaper than Ryanair after all the add ons.
  12. In a similar vein I am going to need to take my sword on a BA flight to the States later this year. I have been trying to find a hard shell case to transport it in but it a basket hilted broadsword and as such too 'deep' for all the rifle/shotgun cases I have seen. Any thoughts? My best bet so far has been a 'soft' Peli padded tripod bag. I suppose worst case I could strip it down and just put the blade in a rifle case.
  13. Speak to your QM, he should have transit boxes.
    Best bet maybe your mil band or pipes and drums. ( I assume you're a Scottish unit)
    They will be used to flying with swords and will have cases
  14. having worked at Heathrow, yes i know SLeazyjet doesn't fly from there.

    When you get to the terminal, speak to the security supervisor, probalt BAA staff, or the police office through the main security desk, show him the policy and show him what you are carrying. It will have to go in the hold but with them aware, when the desk wallah flags it to security there will be no dramas as they already know what they are looking at on the XRay and what they are expecting.

    Works for me with rifles and shotguns and simplifies the process and difficulties with know it all check in agents...............

    Be polite and it should be no drama.