Not heard from him for a few weeks, hopefully he's just been on holiday and right now he's on a Pool Bar Stool downing a few Ales and tropical cocktails while taking in the sight of scantily clad young nymphs parading around his pool... and rocking to vibes of Bob Marley coming out of the Coconut lookalike loud speakers hanging from the Pool Palm Trees! 8)


Hi Gentlemen of the Royal Engineers...And men of other Regiments!.....
Swordman.... for the want of a better name, is still around. A bit tatty round the edges. A little difficulty in walking. But does it anyway.....Its my inbred Sapper determination...A wonderful thing that overcomes all sorts of difficulties......

To all Sappers everywhere, of all ranks. Sheila (The Saintly one!) and myself send you all our very best wishes, and good fortune in all your endeavours.
It would give me great pleasure to meet the Sappers that I have had the good fortune of meeting here
I think that there should be an Arrse Swordsman gathering,somewhere not too far from Swordsman's home,at an early date.
Or we could get him to the army navy game :D


There must be something coming up at brompton sometime soon, will have to check and let you know. Could be a while though as im not around at the moment.

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